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Aug 19, 2007 01:26 PM

Chowish Delivery to Downtown Hotel!

I originally asked for delivery to Beverly Hills, and thank you all who replied. I will report back next week. I need suggestions for delivery of good food directly from the restaurant and not through a delivery service to a hotel in the Little Tokyo section of downtown. We are a law firm, preparing for trial and half of our team is staying close to the courts in Little Tokyo, so we order out at least twice a day for between 10 and 20 peeps everyday. BTW, I have lived all around this country (NYC, SF and LA), and LA is the best city to eat in the world, so come on LA and let me know all your great delivery options in downtown!

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  1. If you have 10 to 20 people preparing for trial you can certainly send a law clerk or paralegal out to get some good food. My suggestions:

    Carnitas Michaocan -- Mexican taco stand, Go north on Broadway or Spring past Chinatown, it is on the N/W corner of No. Broadway and 19th with parking behind. Get everyone a carne asada or al pastor (cut from a rotisserie spit) burrito -- I order mine without beans. Supplement with a few quesadillas and special nachos with meat to share. Be sure to get loads of the thimble containers of salsa roja, and buy an extra cup or two -- it is extraordinary. Burritos less than $5.

    East Side Deli -- just north across the freeway and east of Chinatown. Great big wonderful tasty sandwiches. Be sure to get many of the roast beef/pastrami combos. They also have pasta specials. Phone ahead and pick up -- I'm sure they have a website with a menu.

    [Note -- I am intentionally recommending East Side way over Phillippe's, whose dips are on the small side and don't travel well. Also, Phillippe's loses a lot without the lines, servers, sawdust on the floor, and spicy mustard with communal tables.]

    Langer's Deli -- Alvarado at Seventh, east of downtown on the edge of MacArthur Park. Many say the best pastrami in the U.S., served on spectacular double-baked rye. Simple sandwiches about $11, or you could order several pounds of sliced pastrami (I'd say about 1/3-lb. per person) and sliced rye by the loaf. If you phone in an order they will deliver it to the car at the curb.

    "The Fish Place" -- I don't know it's real name, on the S/W corner of Central and 5th (could be sixth) -- directly south of Little Tokyo and east of the business and flower district of downtown. This is the place with two long lines going into the grills and a cold line to the right, with parking to the south and covered patio concrete picnic table seating. (There is a fish competitor across the street to the north that isn't nearly as good or crowded.) They have virtually any kind of fish grilled with rice or fries, with either teriyaki, garlic-butter, or one other sauce. Also fresh-fried shrimp, scallops or combos. Very fair prices around $10. Some seafood salads on the cold side. Great for a change of pace.

    Grand Central Market -- west side Broadway around 4th, parking in the back, heart of downtown. The carnitas tacos at Roast 2 Go or Ana Maria's are meatier than most shop's burritos. Concentrate on the carnitas and supplement with other meats that look good -- two tacos will more than fill most for about $5 per person. You could also buy meats by the pound and stacks of tortillas and rice and beans or other tasty treats for sides.

    I haven't even started on Chinatown -- I like Yang Chow a lot. And of course you are staying in Little Tokyo.

    Believe me, these suggestions will do much more for staff morale than the chains and convenience-oriented places that deliver and will charge you three to five times as much per person. Do everyone a favor and have your order called in ahead where possible or send the pick-up person to arrive before 11:45 or after 1:30 for a big order. Report back what you think.

    1. Menupages delivery list for downtown. Coles is not open for business at the moment.

      1. As a paralegal who has worked on offsite trials, I feel your pain! Downtown delivery isn't all that great, especially if you have to order directly from the restaurant and not a delivery service. The only place that comes to mind is Pitfire Pizza, which is fantastic and has many non-pizza options. The mac and cheese is particularly good but may put everyone to sleep during the afternoon trial session.

        If you can send out a paralegal (or better, a non-billable employee) to pick up food, I recommend Mendocino Farms in the California Plaza. They do great catering of both deli plates and pre-made sandwiches and salads.

        I've also heard that Junior's in Santa Monica will deliver to downtown for an order for 10 or more. it's well worth checking into as they have fantastic deli plates.

        Good luck!