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Aug 19, 2007 01:21 PM

heading to vegas for 5 days - what restaurants are not to be missed?

we are heading to Vegas for our 10th anniversary and have a few things planned but I thought you guys might know better than zagat's what meals are not to be missed. We were thinking Rosemary's, Daniel Boulud's place and Mario Batali's. Even tho we are New Yorker's we thought Rao's might be fun. our last trip we ate at Picasso's and thought it was great. any thoughts of great places - from dive's with great food on up. we will have a car so the place does not need to be on or near the strip. we are staying at the Wynn - I've heard Alex is amazing but the price seems to be a major detractor.

any shows that should not be missed either? we;ve seen O and thought it was out of this world. thanks!

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  1. i was just at rao's last weekend. completely unimpressed and i'm an east coaster too. skip it. we also ate at mix which was fantastic. also really like delmonico's.

    shows: "O" , elton john red piano, we just saw penn & teller very fun.

    1. Atelier de Joel Robuchon is excellent and not as pricey as Alex, but Alex rocks
      Wing Lei for haute Chinese
      Lotus of Siam is super and reasonable

      1. Hey Karen, My wife and I got back from our yearly Vegas Visit and we always hit Osteria in the Bellagio for a meal. They have some of the best lamb chops i have eaten. Boulud's place in the Wynn was really great. If you are in the mood for sushi check at Okada in the Wynn as well, excellent sushi. But of all the places we ate this past trip, Michael Mina's in the Bellagio was the best of the group. The Lobster Pot Pie is cant miss.

        Have a great trip and see you back on the Tristate board.


        Edit, we saw Love and 'loved' it. If you like Beatles music youll wish the show was longer.

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          Had the opportunity to dine @ Michael Mina's this week and I have to agree w/ you the Lobster pot pie was a hit! We enjoyed it as a selection on the Cookbook tasting menu.
          Many tables were ordering it for their main entree....
          The tableside presentation is spectacular...
          I think in mini version on the tasting menu it loses something....maybe not enough lobster or sauce. Though it was flavorful and delicious.
          I would have loved it as an entree.

          Everything was wonderful and the service impeccable.

          Michael Mina Restaurant
          3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

        2. Joel Robucon-at the Mansion
          ....amazing if you've got the money and time...the 13 course tasting menu was an amazing event..artistry for the eyes and the mouth.
          L'Atelier de Joel Robuchon
          ....oh my stars!!! I've now been there 4 times and each time was a gem.
          Not as expensive as the Mansion and a bit more relaxed but the food is to die for and to watch the people in the kitchen elegantly creating your meals in a relaxed-rush is very excititng.
          Both places are dead on with their wine pairings so get a little adventurous and put the wine in their hands...they do not try to bring out the most expensive thing, they consider what you'll be eating and your palette preference.
          ...was recommended by one of the guys at L'Atelier and it was great. A little tapas bar with an outstanding wine selection, amazing mojitos, and I saw a lot of people ordering the sangria-they have both red and white.
          Everything was delicious and a very locals-vibe....a lot of servers and chefs from other places eat there.
          Have fun and enjoy!

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            If you don't mind posting, where is Firefly? I've been to Cafe Ba Ba Reeba a few times, and would like to try a different place. Thanks!

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              Hello Michelle,
              It is in the same mini/strip mall as Ruth Chris...I think Tropicana or Flamingo.
              It's off strip, I was able to find it just by those directions.
              I'll get back if I find the exact address, I know I have the menu somewhere.

              1. re: Michelle

                Firefly is on Paradise between Flamingo and Sands. I'd be interested to hear what you think of Firefly vs. CBBR.

            2. We always stay at the Wynn and the restaurants are wonderful..we really enjoy Daniel Boulud's..great bistro fare and the water show is wild.
              Really enjoy Okada for sushi..some of the best on the strip.
              I like Bouchon for breakfast at the Venetian.
              You are going to have a wonderful time at the Wynn!