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Aug 19, 2007 12:36 PM

La Provence

Finally, went across the pond to try out the new garde. We had a fabulous experience. They have an "express" 3 course that one person had and was great! The bread pudding was like a custard (thats a good thing). And the wine list was balanced in price and selection (had a great bottle for $45). The mini farm out back was pretty cool to see too. The only thing i really missed was seeing Chef Chris charm the dining room.

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  1. awe...missin chef cris too! but I'm glad to hear that John Besh is keeping things original. i heard there were only a few adjustments.

    1. This is one of those places that I've been meaning to try for 20 years -- I've driven by it many times on my way to Sal & Judy's -- and never have. Is it worth the drive from New Orleans? (And speaking of Sal & Judy's, are they still chugging along?)

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        Yea - you should def go. But Chef Chris past away recently...he made it very special. John Besh of August has taken it over...and from what I understand...not much has changed. Still getting rave reviews. Maybe "iknowwhatitmeans " can expand on menu items, decor, etc.
        Sal & Judy's...pretty sure they are alive and kicking.

        Sal & Judy's
        27491 Highway 190
        Lacombe, LA 70445
        (985) 882-9443

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          Here is link to the menu. I loved it when I went. It was worth the drive.