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Looking for good turkey bacon

What brands of turkey bacon taste the best to you? Thanks!

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  1. Willie Bird. They have three kinds, regular smoked, peppered, and no preservatives. I live near the store, but I think they might ship. I'm not sure what groceries carry it.

    1. My favorite is the kind you get at Trader Joe's (the only turkey bacon they have there). It's thick and tastes great. Plus, it's only 20 calories per slab!

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      1. re: Jacey

        I second the TJ's turkey bacon. Not to greasy, good meaty bite. My downstairs neighbors are actually cooking bacon right now, and it's driving me crazy with hunger.

        The regular TJ's bacon is one of my favorites as well. It cooks up nicely, and isn't too thin.

      2. At our neighborhood grocery store, the best-tasting brand is Louis Rich, but I've never tried the Trader Joe's brand Jacey describes and will have to seek that out.

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        1. re: Neuromancer

          I second Louis Rich, but think Jeno(or some name like that) is horrrible.

          Will also try the TJ's. I just picked up some farm tomatoes so BLT's tonight! My first, but not last of the summer.

          1. re: hummingbird

            We just had some BLT's with home-grown tomatoes and Louis Rich turkey bacon this weekend. Yum! My father-in-law is visiting and was quite impressed with the turkey bacon; he even asked what kind it was. I cook it by the Cook's Illustrated method, in an oven at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes (8 on one side, flip, 7 on other side). It comes out great, not too crispy and not too flabby.

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              Do you mean Jennie-O? If so, I agree. I did not like it.

              1. re: Neuromancer

                Yes, I meant Jennie-O.

                Tried TJ's tonight. Tried side by side TJ's and Louis Rich, just cooked and tried them alone.

                I didn't like the"mouth feel" of TJ's. I did my BLt with Louis and liked it.

                Did my Hubby's with TJ's then asked how he liked his BLT, he said he thought the bacon was too chewy and didn't like it much.

                I like mine crisp, and that is how I did both.

                So I'm staying with LR. I even like the smell as it is cooking better.

          2. 3rd or 4th for Louis Rich...it's a bit sodium-heavy, but very tasty. I've almost given up regualr bacon...almost. LOL!!

            1. Thanks for responding! I'll try the TJ's brand -- there's a store right near my house. I'll also look for the Louis Rich brand. Turkey bacon is my daughter's favorite (even more than normal bacon), so I figure I should get some good stuff that we can all enjoy. Thanks again!

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                As you are looking for Louis Rich in the case, you'll see the Oscar Mayer logo first, with a smaller Louis Rich to its lower right.

                1. re: hummingbird

                  Having tried both turkey bacon and the usual pig kind, I'm tempted to say that looking for good turkey bacon is like looking for a chaste whore.

              2. Sorry, but why are you eating turkey bacon?

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                1. re: pikawicca

                  How can I know whether or not I like it if I don't try it?

                2. i've never tried tj's brand, but applegate farms & wellshire farms both make good, natural, uncured products. you can usually find them at natural foods markets & grocery stores like whole foods & wild oats.

                  1. I like TJ's turkey bacon. I appreciate that it is low in fat, but I really do like the taste. I've tried some supermarket brands of turkey bacon , but didn't like them - taste wise and also they kind of fell apart in the skillet. That said, turkey bacon is not a substitute for pork bacon, as much as any other food is also not a substitute. If you expect if to be, you are not going to like it. Enjoy if for what it is, a very good turkey product.

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                    1. re: Leslie

                      Well said, Leslie. While I do love the taste of REAL bacon, realistically, I like the benefits of turkey bacon. Ironically, my daughter prefers the flavor of turkey bacon, but my son prefers pork bacon. What's a mother to do....

                    2. Oddly enough my favorite is the ALDI Fit and Active brand. We love turkey bacon in our house and its always been my favorite. I will try the TJ's brand though.

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                        You might find them very similar, since ALDI and TJ's are owned by the same parent company. But most of their products are different, so they may not be similar at all.