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Aug 19, 2007 11:33 AM

Kanab, UT - Houston's Trails' End? Nedra's?

I have an upcoming trip to Zion and Bryce National Parks, as well as the north rim of the Grand Canyon, and find myself traveling through Kanab a couple of times early in the morning. Based on searches here and elsewhere, there doesn't seem to be anything outstanding for breakfast, so I'm going for interesting.

One choice is Houston's Trails' End Restaurant. It sounds a little quirky (something about waitresses wearing guns), so why not? However, I noticed a web site ( which seems to indicate it's been for sale for more than a year. Has anyone tried it recently?

I'm also trying Nedra's Too. It seems that the original Nedra's (in Fredonia, another town I'll be passing through) may still be around, but I found a real estate entry listing it for sale as well! Any recent visitors to the Fredonia location?

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  1. We were in Kanab a couple years ago. I don't remember anything memorable for breakfast. I do remember there was a little coffee place on the main street with seats outside that made decent coffee and muffins, etc. Avoid at all costs dining at the Frontier Movie Town. We did have two great dinners at Rocking V but at least back then they weren't open for in the morning.

    what the area lacks in food it does make up in scenery however!

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      ziggy, thanks! The coffee place might be Vermillion Espresso Bar & Cafe. I have that on my list as a backup in case Houston's or Nedra's is closed or looks too disgusting.

      I've seen several recommendations for Rocking V Cafe ( ), but you're right - it's not open for breakfast.

    2. We ate recently at Houston's it was the only good food we could find in town, they had an excellent chicken fried steak and remember to try their banana cream pie if theres any left.

      1. We had a good hamburger at Nedra's a couple of years ago. Service was friendly,