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Aug 19, 2007 11:26 AM

Chelsea lunch recommendations with nice outdoor seating?

We will be visiting NY (from SF) in mid-Sept and staying in Chelsea. Would love to find some great places to eat with nice outdoor seating. We're up for any type of cuisine, mostly interested in quality of food and outdoor space.

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  1. Gascogne is a nice traditional french rest with beautiful garden seating in the back. Also, on 14th street btw 7th and 8th aves is Crispo a really good italian rest and Gavroche, another little french place, both with garden seating. Have a great time!

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      Berna--thank you! I just checked out the web sites for all three and they were just the type of places I was looking for. I'm leaning towards Crispo, because the variety of antipasti and salads is something we don't see often in SF.

    2. Le Zie is a great and reasonably priced neighborhood Italian with sidewalk seating. They also have what looks to be a lovely garden in back, but I don't think they seat back there (and it may be -- although I'm not certain -- where the smokers go to sneak a butt!).