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Aug 19, 2007 11:22 AM

Recs for restaurants in South Boston

Are there any other restaurants in Southis besides Sullivan's and the Farragut?
Enjoy all types of food.

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  1. Potbellies has received favorable reviews on this board.
    I like the fish & chips at Kelly's Landing, on East 8th St.
    Sal's Ristorante has solid homestyle red-sauce Italian, that's at L and E. 8th.
    Cafe Arpeggio (400 block of W. Broadway) has good pastries and a fantastic sandwich called 'The Arpeggio'.

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        The Quiet Man at Broadway has great steak tips and other grilled stuff. Lot of standard pub fare I can't rec though since I never get past the tips.
        Mul's diner is nearby and does a great breakfast and probably lunch.
        New thread just started on Mul's.

    1. Cafe Polonia for authintic Polish cuisine, near Andrew Square...yum. I'm also in step with the other recs, but be aware that Quiet Man is a little on the "gritty" side.

      Cafe Polonia
      611 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127

      1. Amhreins for surf & turf (tenderloin & baked stuffed shrimp); fried clams; chicken bella boca or lobster pie.
        Quiet Man for the steak tips.
        Cafe Polonia for the potato pancakes and hungarian goulash
        PotBellies for a cuban sandwich; and
        Cafe Portobello for the antipasto and a pizza

        1. Closer to the waterfront there is Legal Test Kitchen, Salvatore's, No Name, and Eastern Pier. There is also a casual place at the beiginning of Dry Dock Ave in an office building but can't think of the name (may be Dry Dock Cafe). Just outside of Southie is 224 Boston St. There are also a few pub/restaurants on Broadway.

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            I always forget about Eastern Pier and this is the perfect time of year to go. Comfortable outside waterfront deck and tasty chinese food!

          2. South Ocean has pretty decent chinese takeout/delivery.
            Beer Garden has good pub food.

            Can anyone recommend a pizza/sub shop? I know they are pretty much all mediocre but does one rise above the rest?

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              I actually enjoy 3 Clover on Broadway....There are plenty but I have enjoyed that over Magoos. They are also always pleasant and have good delivery service!

              1. re: southie

                I haven't tried 3 Clover but the best I've had in Southie is the L St. Diner.
                Big menu with turkey dinners and things like that for take out as well as the pizza and subs.
                Nothing done exceptionally well, but OKfor delivery in a pinch.

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                Porto Bello on East Broadway makes and excellent pizza. It is not a sub shop though and I don't think they deliver. There is also Salvatore's on the waterfront, in addition to the restaurant they have a separate take out section (don't know if they deliver).

                1. re: Fort Point

                  Thanks I'll have to try some of these.