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Aug 19, 2007 11:16 AM

Looking for McAllen and S. Padre recommendations

thanks in advance

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  1. Manuel's for South Padre (actually it's in Port Isabel). Get something - anything on one of those killer tortillas, and make sure you go back towards the bathroom to watch her make one :)

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      Dirty Al's Seafood and Bait Shop is very good. We also enjoyed the South Padre Brewing Company. Did not like Amberjack's.

    2. Just got back from SPI a month ago. All these are SPI except Manuel's:

      I second Manuel's (Port Isabel) for huge, delicious breakfast tacos. One is enough per person, maybe more than enough!

      Surprisingly good Tex-Mex at Captain Roy's. Don't try going around closing time though or Roy will probably shoo you away if he's busy.

      Best fried shrimp at Wanna Wanna, and such an awesome beachfront location.

      And the highlight of my trip -- snapper throats at Dirty Al's! Al's also had huge and delicious peel-and-eat shrimp, and good spicy New Orleans style boiled shrimp too. Al's fried shrimp are okay, though Wanna Wanna beat's 'em hands down.

      1. The Peanut Butter Shrimp at Scampi's in SPI is great. Santa Fe and Lanky's in McAllen seem to be popular, but I was a little disappointed.