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Aug 19, 2007 11:12 AM

MILK, the new Sweet Lady Jane. . .

And not in a good way. While they mainly offer just counter service, Milk has runners bring your food to the table (i.e., they give you a number and drop off the food). Our runner, Lawrence, was totally obnoxious the whole time. From the start, he seemed annoyed and asked why my co-workers and I had taken so many numbers (a feeble attempt at humor? Or perhaps simply a lack of manners?). We explained to Lawrence, that we had all paid separately and he then proceeded to take all our numbers. We told him that we were still waiting for food/dessert and he told us not to worry, that he would remember. Seemed odd to us to do it that way, but we weren’t going to argue it.

Well, at the end of our meal, he not only brought out the wrong dessert but lied to us in order for us to eat it. When he found out that he had brought out the wrong dessert, he tried to coax us into eating it anyway by telling us that he had made this himself and we would like it better than the ice cream sandwich we had ordered. When we insisted on having the dessert that we had ordered, he said they were out of the other one anyway. We later discovered that he flat out lied to us when we saw the dessert we had ordered in the case on our way out.

When he came back to check on us and asked us how we were doing, we asked for a box for our leftovers and he said we could go grab one inside ourselves. We noticed that other runners brought out boxes for their guests, so it seemed odd to us that Lazy Larry would bother asking us if we needed help and then proceed NOT to help us.

The food was average. I found that my salad had salty pockets in it. I think they may have used kosher salt to season it. The sandwiches were nice but nothing to write home about. Their desserts I have to admit are good, but I haven't decided if it’s worth going there.

Has anyone else experienced this? If this is a one time/one person issue I may go back but if this happening a lot then this is management issue and I don’t want to support them.

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  1. Wow, I wouldn't wish "Lazy Larry" on anybody. I hope your displeasure was reflected in his lack of tip. That said, I must say that in eight some odd visits to MILK, I've never experienced what you unfortunately did and had I, the manager would have heard from me directly and instantly. I hope this doesn't dissuade you from returning. Their ice cream sandwiches are amazing (try the Grasshopper, my current fave). I'll keep an eye out for LL.

    1. did any one have a conversation with the manager?

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        We contemplated it, but I was so irritated at the time I thought it might be better to write a strongly worded letter or call the manager instead so I could gather my thoughts more carefully! I thought the cobb salad was decent, not great, but I fell in love with the Grasshopper ice cream sandwich.

      2. Ive never had rude service, just under-trained and lacking knowledge of the menu.

        1. It's a dessert place to me so I wouldn't try to eat an entire meal there. The staff seemed to handle a milkshake and assorted bonbons and cookies perfectly well, so I'll stick with those.

          1. I suggest you go back at an off peak time (meaning not their lunch or weekend rush) and ask to speak to Bret. He's the owner, and comes from a fine dining background, having been the Exec. Chef at Patina. He shouldn't tolerate such behavior in his staff and I know he wants to run a long-term successful location. If you don't feel like dealing with Bret directly, call the office number 323-939-6455 and ask to speak to Bret or Lindsey. Explain your situation and that you'd like to return. Hopefully they'll be genuinely concerned and thankful for the comments.
            Perhaps your view of the food being 'average' was clouded based upon your service?

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              Thanks for the info peanut112.

              Yes, perhaps my view was clouded by the services. I think I will be willing to go again if the managment is responsive to our call/letter.