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Aug 19, 2007 10:31 AM

Looking for restaurant quality bread near Trenton/Ewing!

Oops, sorry for previous post, I hit enter by mistake before I typed my question! I was at Faherty's on the Delaware a few months back and had the best bread, we couldn't stop eating it! The waiter wouldn't tell me where they get it, but he said they buy it raw or half baked from a local bakery and bake it before service. Is this a common practice? If so, where can I get the same quality bread, in the Trenton area, and will it be just as good in a home oven? Thanks for your input! By the way, we had an amazing dinner there, it is quite a great restaurant! Very casual and comfortable with friendly service and amazing food!

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  1. The best bakery (and supplier to many local NJ & PA restaurants) is the Italian Peoples Bakery, Inc. in Trenton.

    They have (9) local retail stores. Try their baguette, it's great!

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      Thanks, I do buy kaiser rolls at their location at the Trenton Farmer's Market, but haven't tried the baguette, I definitely will! I also want to try the sourdough rye at the Polish stand at the Farmer's market, I read in these boards that it is great!

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        Also try The Witherspoon Bread Company in Princeton.

        They're owned by the Momo family (Mediterra, Teresa's, Nova Terra) and have a great selection of artisan breads. We also like their seasoned olive oil for dipping!