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Aug 19, 2007 10:23 AM

Looking for great bread!


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  1. You may want to specify a few more details and what geographic region you are looking for.
    In NJ as a general direction Wegmans and Whole Foods are reasonably good sources with some selection of breads. In NY, Le Pain Quotidien has some very good breads. There is a mid westerns chain called "Breadsmith" that has now opened one location at the East Coast in Cranford, NJ. It claims to have very good, fresh artisan breads. We have tried only their Focaccia so far: Good but expensive. Finally, the local farmer's market often has some good bakeries represented.

    1. Agreed about more details being needed. I could recommend an excellent bakery in Wilmington- Black Lab Breads on Union St.

      1. Sorry, on my original post I hit enter by mistake before I could get the post written! I am looking for info on what bakeries supply the restaurants in my area, which is Princeton/Trenton. Someone replied to my second posting to try Italian People's in Trenton, which I will do! Thanks!