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Aug 19, 2007 10:10 AM

Top five Cheesesteaks in Baltimore

I want to know your top five favorite Cheesesteaks and chicken cheesesteaks in Downtown Baltimore and surrounding areas. My two favorites are Pasta Mista and Fortunados, and I couldnt think of any others. help.

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  1. My cheese-steak-loving-boy swears by the Butcher's Hill Cheesesteak at DiPasquales in Highlandtown.

    1. David and Dad's on Charles St. downtown does a decent cheese steak. The place in Broadway Market (Philly Gil's?) did a good Philly cheese steak complete with Amoroso roll but they seemed to be struggling and I'm not sure if they're still open.

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        Thanks for the D&D rec -- not too far from my office. Anyone else have recommendations within walking distance of the downtown Baltimore Central Business District? I used to really enjoy the chicken cheesesteaks from Paolinis (?) on Lombard, but they closed. I haven't tried their other locale in the Bank of America "food court", since every lunchtime I've gone in it seems to be mobbed by conventioneers from across the street.

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          Had one of those recently at the Broadway Market. It was pretty rough.

        2. Best I've ever had - hands down - is the "fillet cheese steak" at Lulu's Off Broadway. Not in the least way like a Philly cheesesteak, Lulu's features hand cut fillet cooked to order, sliced thick, and topped with your choice of toppings. A meal in a bun!

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            While I have eaten a few cheesesteaks at Pat's and Jim's in Philly one of my favorites here is right next to Philly Gil's defunct location. It is Theresa's in the Fell's Point Market. Her rolls are F & S Maranto. Not as great as Amoroso's. But fresh ingredients including diced green peppers make hers one of the best in town.

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              I've been there a couple of times and thought everything was atrocious. It seemed to be a place like Sip & Bite, where everything tastes far better the drunker you are.

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                In my opinion, Maria D's has fallen from grace. At one time it actually used to be a lot better. I think the Maria D's lovers probably haven't been there in a while.

            2. It's gone downhill some..but for experience sake ya gotta try Capt. Harveys in Dundalk
              Logan Village SC