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Aug 19, 2007 09:56 AM

Recomendations for lunch/dinner in the UWs around 110th??

Any suggestions?

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  1. Rack & Soul -- good 'cue, great sides, amazing red velvet cake. Other thoughts -- Henry's (haven't been for dinner in a while but liked their brunch a lot); Havana Central looks really interesting but I haven't been; there's a little Korean place on the west side of bway at about 114th (can't recall the name) that has really good lunch (love the sizzling bowl); DH likes The Heights (but more for drinks than food). It's probably too far for you, but we had dinner last night at Pisticci (LaSalle, just west of bway) that was pretty amazing. Great homemade pastas, fresh veggies, loads of garlic on the garlic bread.

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      just chiming in to say that the Korean place is called The Mill.

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        And, surprisingly, you can get egg creams at The Mill. (It used to be a luncheonette, and the new owners transitioned slowly, finally keeping only the egg cream.)

    2. you have Awash which is good Ethiopian Food.

      Then you also have really good Indian at Indus Valley on 100th street..

      You have a cute little spot called A which is BYO and has a neat concept.. They cook with convection toaster oven and like two hot plates.. No kitchen, restaurant...

      Havana Central supposedly sucks..

      Rack and Soul is pretty good for food that is so unhealthy it should be amazing..

      You have Sun-Chan on 103rd which is a Japanese Spot with pretty good Yakitori.. Really good rice balls and also some Izakaya small plates.. I like this place a lot.. Though no Yakitori Totto.. They also have really cheap unfiltered sake by the bottle..

      Taqueria y Fonda la Mexicana on 107 and 108th.. Some really good Mexican Food.. Its Mexican Food that has really started gearing itself for the Gringos.. However, its maintained a high level.. Small space..

      These are places I have been..

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        oooh, yes, I forgot about Awash (I was thinking about broadway). DH and I like their food very much. Last time there, I had the vegetarian sampling platter -- it was excellent. I especially like the spicier dishes. Also good is the Ethiopian beer.

      2. In addition to some places listed below, there's:

        Miss Mamie's Spoonbread -- 110 and Columbus has very good southern food. Service can be quite slow, however.

        Thai Market on 107th and Amsterdam is new Thai place--quite good and reasonably priced

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          I second Mamie's. Beef ribs and sweet potato pie are excellent. I gave Rack & Soul two chances and they went from bad to worse. Very bland and mushy black eye peas and tastless smothered ribs.

          Turkanz is on Brodway and 100th or 101 and that's pretty good Turkish.

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            taqueria y fonda!

            use to go there all the time when i was at columbia. yum yum yum

          1. A little further away from 110th & Broadway, but worth it, is Voza on Columbus between 106 and 107. Delicious American-Italian type food, BYOB, tiny place with wonderful staff. Similar vibe to A, but with lots of meat entrees.

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              You are walking distance from Dinosaur BBQ. You must go!!!

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                Ate at Voza last night; ususally when we go to that hood for food it's to eat at A, which is a favorite. When we arrived, there was one other table, a 4top; after we ordered, the waitress brought us small cups of currry squash soup on the house; it was delicious. After that, it took over an hour to get our appetizers. We were really confused as to why, until we realized that they were maxing out their kitchen with to-go orders.
                The apps finally arrived and were tasty, but the portions were incredibly small, except for the shrimp ceviche, which was very good. The other dishes looked good too, but there was too little of them to be able to get more than a hint. We ate more bread and tried to quiet the growling in our stomachs.

                After another hour, and after asking a couple of times what the delay was and recieiving no reply, the entrees arrived. I had the shellfish stew, which was delicious and plentiful. The waitress, who is apparently co-owner with the chef, her husband, was surprisingly inattentive, so much so that even I noticed, and I'm usually oblivious to that sort of thing.
                I think the food is well prepared. The apps should be larger. The timing of their system needs work, if it is to accomodate both to-go orders and diners. And the waitress should try to attend to the diners more. I wouldn't write it off, but I might wait a while before trying it again. Certainly while A is just up the street, it's hard to make the case for this place with any kind of enthusiasm.