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Kitchen aide stand mixers on sale

Amazon.com has kitchen aide stand mixers on sale. My husband and i have been looking at them for a while but after I read all the reviews on there, I can't decide whether or not to get one. There are lots of glowing reviews, but the bad ones say things like they broke in a week and aren't good for anything but cake batters, etc. I thought before we splurged and got one, I'd ask on here what chowhounds thought of them. Some of the complaints I was concerned about were:

-not good for kneading bread dough (we make all our own bread and this is one of the primary things we would use it for

-not lefty friendly--I'm a southpaw and if it is going to be a pain in the butt for me to use, I'll pass

-the motors don't last on them more than 18 months

I think I decided I want at least a 5qt bowl, does anyone else have any advice on them? Also what is a good price. With a rebate, you can get the 5qt ones for $169.99 with the sale.


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  1. We have had our KA for 5 + years and have never had a single problem (not sure of the size, but is is 325 watts). I believe KA would stand behind their products if they prematurely failed (especially after a week). My advice would be to buy the best model possible (size and wattage) especially if you make a lot of bread. It is a product that should serve you well

    1. I bought a KA 5 qt stand mixer a year ago. I'm a lefty; I make bread; NO problems. I love that mixer!

      1. I'm a lefty, and I haven't had any problems, although mine is pretty new (got it on sale on Amazon as well). Keep in mind Amazon's mixer prices fluctuate by the *hour*, it seems, and also by color. So if the mixer you want isn't at the lowest price, keep checking. Prices can vary by $100+.

        You definitely want the 5qt over anything smaller. I think you can find the manual online at the KitchenAid site, if you are curious about their instructions for bread kneading -- I think you just have to watch the setting so you don't burn out the motor.

        I do have an assembly problem with mine, a metal pin is sticking out -- but KitchenAid customer service has directed me to a local repair shop and I'm hoping it's an easy fix.

        1. I'm wary of Amazon "deals". I bought Sabatier knives from them--"imported", regular retail +$300, on sale $30, and they were from China, not France, and they are TERRIBLE. I have a regular KA which has been great, no problems. I would make double sure that what they are selling is the same model available in retail stores, not refurbished or lower power.

          I would check Kohl's and BBB for prices on comparable models, I'm sure I've seen KA's for similar prices when on sale.

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            What Amazon delivered is neither refurbished nor lower power; it is the standard retail mixer.

          2. I have a 5+ yr old KA 6 qt. I use this machine regularly for bread, cookies, cake etc. and have not had any problems. I love my KA! I'm also a lefty and I've never been uncomfortable using it. (I also have a KA food processor and KA hand mixer and love those as well.)

            I agree with a previous poster that it would be prudent to double check with Amazon to make sure that the machine is what you think it is.

            1. I've owned mine for 7 years and NEVER had a problem with it. And we use it a lot. I'm right handed and actually with the controls were reversed for me. So that shouldn't pose a problem. Definetely a product I would purchase again. Although, I would get a larger more powerful model. Enjoy!

              1. I got a refurb on Amazon 8 months ago. I use it to knead bread every 2-3 weeks and so far have had no problems.

                It does not seem to favor a particular handed-ness, although I will point out that the optional pouring shield (which is nice to have) is designed for someone to pour with their right hand, but it seems like it would be possible to orient the machine in a way that makes it convenient to pour with the left hand if necessary.

                1. Some of the lower end mixers have a plastic worm gear instead of a metal one. The stated purpose of this feature is that the gear will break if too much load is put on it (like from kneading a VERY stiff dough) before damage is done to the motor. These are the ones that tend to fail early on and replacement of the gear can be costly if you have to ship it off for repair. The Professional, Accolade and Commercial series mixers have all metal gears and an electronic protection circuit to protect the motor from burning out instead of the breakable gear. I've had my professional series mixer for 12 years and it is still going strong!

                  1. 10+ years on a KA HeavyDuty...great machine.

                    1. I can't speak to the left hand issue, but I have used mine for kneading bread with no problems. I think there are two different dough hooks. The Pro Plus 5 and the 6 qt models have a spiral dough hook which I believe is supposed to do a better job with kneading and have less of a problem with dough creeping up.

                      I bought my Pro Plus (I think that's what it is called, a 5 qt model) from Amazon. I've only had it for 10 months but it has been great. As someone else pointed out, the amazon prices vary pretty dramatically based on color. I got white on white and saved 20 to 100 dollars over other colors of the same model.

                      1. If you go to www. americastestkitchen.com they have a free 14 day trail subscrition. . They did a study on the mixers. They don't except advertising, so they don't owe anyone a thing. From what I remember, they liked the KA Professional, but the others they felt did only the basics, and bread kneading was more then the basic job. It's a very good site, and as I said it's free for 14 days. I have the classic and another one, which I really like, but I don't do bread, so I'm not one to advise you.

                        1. Just FYI I purchased one at my local Costco today 5qt 475watt for $240! I also got a mail in coupon for a free second bowl. I know it is more than the Amazon price but I price shopped for a while and $240 for 475 watt was a great deal.