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Aug 19, 2007 09:34 AM

Kitchen aide stand mixers on sale has kitchen aide stand mixers on sale. My husband and i have been looking at them for a while but after I read all the reviews on there, I can't decide whether or not to get one. There are lots of glowing reviews, but the bad ones say things like they broke in a week and aren't good for anything but cake batters, etc. I thought before we splurged and got one, I'd ask on here what chowhounds thought of them. Some of the complaints I was concerned about were:

-not good for kneading bread dough (we make all our own bread and this is one of the primary things we would use it for

-not lefty friendly--I'm a southpaw and if it is going to be a pain in the butt for me to use, I'll pass

-the motors don't last on them more than 18 months

I think I decided I want at least a 5qt bowl, does anyone else have any advice on them? Also what is a good price. With a rebate, you can get the 5qt ones for $169.99 with the sale.


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  1. We have had our KA for 5 + years and have never had a single problem (not sure of the size, but is is 325 watts). I believe KA would stand behind their products if they prematurely failed (especially after a week). My advice would be to buy the best model possible (size and wattage) especially if you make a lot of bread. It is a product that should serve you well

    1. I bought a KA 5 qt stand mixer a year ago. I'm a lefty; I make bread; NO problems. I love that mixer!

      1. I'm a lefty, and I haven't had any problems, although mine is pretty new (got it on sale on Amazon as well). Keep in mind Amazon's mixer prices fluctuate by the *hour*, it seems, and also by color. So if the mixer you want isn't at the lowest price, keep checking. Prices can vary by $100+.

        You definitely want the 5qt over anything smaller. I think you can find the manual online at the KitchenAid site, if you are curious about their instructions for bread kneading -- I think you just have to watch the setting so you don't burn out the motor.

        I do have an assembly problem with mine, a metal pin is sticking out -- but KitchenAid customer service has directed me to a local repair shop and I'm hoping it's an easy fix.

        1. I'm wary of Amazon "deals". I bought Sabatier knives from them--"imported", regular retail +$300, on sale $30, and they were from China, not France, and they are TERRIBLE. I have a regular KA which has been great, no problems. I would make double sure that what they are selling is the same model available in retail stores, not refurbished or lower power.

          I would check Kohl's and BBB for prices on comparable models, I'm sure I've seen KA's for similar prices when on sale.

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            What Amazon delivered is neither refurbished nor lower power; it is the standard retail mixer.

          2. I have a 5+ yr old KA 6 qt. I use this machine regularly for bread, cookies, cake etc. and have not had any problems. I love my KA! I'm also a lefty and I've never been uncomfortable using it. (I also have a KA food processor and KA hand mixer and love those as well.)

            I agree with a previous poster that it would be prudent to double check with Amazon to make sure that the machine is what you think it is.