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Aug 19, 2007 09:28 AM

Restaurants that are driven by local ingredients.

Hello, can anyone give some suggestions on restaurants in the city and brooklyn that focus their menus on local (greenmarket) ingredients or working with local, small producers. Not just in one salad, but real emphasis in local, sustainable ingredients. Examples: bluehill, tasting room. Thank you.

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  1. The Union Square Greenmarket has lots of leaflets, and one of them is a list of Manhattan restaurants that use ingredients bought at the greenmarket. Lately they have been out of that leaflet, but I spoke to the guy in charge of the leaflets and he said he will try to get more copies as soon as possible.

    Many restaurants work with local farmers. To cite just one example, Craft gets some of its vegetables from Satur Farms on Long Island. Oh, and a lot of restaurants get their tomatoes from Eckerton Farm, run by Tim Stark, a Princeton grad who went back to the land.

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      I kept checking back at the leaflet stand, and the leaflets were indeed back some time in October. I don't know whether they are still available but I'd guess they are.

    2. Definitely Craft, as stated earlier.

      What about Gramercy Tavern? They seem to be taking a more local approach these days with Michael Anthony in the kitchen. (And have you trekked out to Blue Hill at Stone Barns?)

      How about Cookshop or Five Points?

      Westville has a great "market" vegetable selection daily.

      Also Momofuku Ssam Bar, Momofuku Noodle Bar, Tocqueville, Savoy, A Voce, Telepan?

      You should probably ask about Brooklyn restaurants on the OB board.

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        Having attended a Greenmarket tour and lunch today at Gramercy Tavern, I have to say that they are doing an excellent job of using local produce. My lunch tasting menu used salsify, local pork from Flying Pigs Farm, all sorts of local roots (carrots, turnips, squash) / cauliflower purees bought from Paffenroth Farms, sustainable fish (black fish aka tautog), quince from Locust Groves. The meal was excellent. I encourage 'hounds to get to GT before winter takes over, as the veggies are wonderful and sweet right now!

      2. Savoy has been doing this for years. Peter Hoffman has made a name for himself as one of the pioneers. He recently opened his second restaurant, Back Forty.

        Rose Water in Park Slope also uses primarily local/seasonal ingredients.

        The whole "farm to table" concept has become quite the phenomenon in recent years.

        There was a lengthy article about it in the October 2007 issue of Gourmet. They listed the best in the country.

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          There's a pretty good master list of NYC restaurants here, BTW:

          The Gourmet guide to the "best" in the nation only has one NYC restaurant on the list:

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            That link actually only shows a small part of the article. It's six pages and yes, it features restaurants all over the country.

            Savoy is mentioned and so is Telepan. After the list there's an article by Dan Barber.

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              Ah, I see. That makes way more sense now.

              I found the entire list reprinted here:

        2. The Green Table in Chelsea Market

          1. Tocqueville, for one, just down the block from the Union Square greenmarket.