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Feb 2, 2006 12:08 PM

Paczki -- Where Can I Find?

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Haven't had a paczki since leaving Michigan 16 years ago. A paczki (pronounced “Poonch-key”) is a Polish donut. On Fat Tuesday they are made extra rich and extra sweet, since those are the things traditionally given up for Lent. Is there anywhere here that does a decent version (preferably in the East Bay/Walnut Creek area)?

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  1. I asked the question about two months ago...the post of the results are linked below, for what it's worth.


    1. I just called Seakor deli in sf ( I speak Polish). The guy there said that he can possibly special order them from some Polish woman, who makes them at home. She will only do it if you want large quantity, so if you guys want to split a large order drop me an email. He says they are the real thing and very good, especially since we would get them freshly baked.

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        Did I miss the wagon? Did you put in an order?