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Baby Blue's BBQ

We saw this BB Q restaurant on the food netwoek called Baby Blues in Venice, CA. It looked really good. Anyone ever been? My brother is driving down there with a friend to check it out!

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  1. It's great. My wife & I went ther after seeing it on the Food Network and we are really happy we did. The ribs are great but what really linger sin my memory is an amazing banana pudding.

    1. I first went to Baby Blues very shortly after its opening and I like it. I think they do a fine pulled pork; their brisket is served in the same kinda stringy style rather than sliced, which isn't my preference. I wouldn't really call it upscale, but it is a pleasant restaurant with a large counter and two rooms of tables with good service from friendly Venice often tattooed and pierced servers. Prices a touch on the high side, but I always emerge happy and wellfed. My current BBQ favorite is Porky's, but Baby Blues ranks well up there, and it is miles better than Outdoor on Washington, the former Benny's nearby the other side of Lincoln, or Mr. Cecil's, the others in the general area. Strong thumbs up!

      1. FYI, here's some menu info on Baby Blue's. Haven't been as yet but if I'm ever in the neighborhood . . .


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          Baby Blues is great. Be sure and get the Porno sauce.

        2. Don't miss the mac n cheese.

            1. Baby Blues is decent (for the area), but go to Phillips, it's not that far (Crenshaw and Adams) and is heads and shoulders above Baby Blues.

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                One thing's for sure, if you like sides Baby Blues blows away Phillips. All the sides I've tried have something special about them, not the standard smartNfinal-quality mac salad at all. A couple times I've ordered the 4 sides and cornbread platter and been very satisfied without any meat.

              2. One of my favorite things at baby blues is the suicide king. Cornbread topped w/brisket, pulled pork or shrimp,sauce & cotilla cheese. I like it w/the brisket.

                1. Definitely worth a visit (try the grilled corn, HUGE Texas beef ribs), but know that since they're in the process of getting a beer/wine license, they can no longer offer BYOB until the license is approved (should be another month before approval). Tough since bbq demands a cold one or three...

                  1. We actually went this weekend (saw it on FoodTV a few months ago) and really enjoyed it. We got there at about 12:30 on Saturday (they start serving lunch at 11:30) and they were already out of pulled pork, brisket, spinach, rice and mashed sweet potatoes. We waited about 20 minutes for a table, and got sweet tea (excellent and true Southern style), a half rack of Memphis style pork ribs, a side of potato salad, and the platter with a half rack of the Texas beef ribs, collards and Mac n' Cheese. The Mac n' cheese was fantastic, as were the pork ribs, which we both preferred to the beef ribs. The collard greens were great too, though the potato salad wasn't my favorite style. We'd definitely go back.