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Shangri La menu items for the moderately adventurous?

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I'm planning to go to Shangri La with my family. We would love to try some interesting, flavorful dishes. However, some of us are a bit picky with meat - I think we are going to want to stick with basic chicken, pork, and beef. We definitely don't want to go with the usual American-Chinese takeout dishes, though. Any recommendations? Also, there will be one vegetarian along - any recommendations for her? Thanks!

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  1. For the vegetarian (and everyone!), try the Ma Po Tofu -- quite spicy and quite delicious. Also, Green vegetable with black mushroom (baby bok choy and shiitake mushroom caps, delicately prepared in a mild broth, just wonderful). The House Special Eggplant (with asian basil) is exquisite, too.

    For meat eaters, try the chicken ginger casserole (I forget the exact name, it's slow-cooked, fall off the bone, and lots of yummy ginger). Pork with chive and preserved tofu is really great too.

    Also: pan fried turnip cake appetizer -- crispy outside, smooth interior, awesome dipping sauce - this is addictive. Try it, you'll like it.

    Once you're there, you'll see really great food go by. Just ask what they're having and try it -- you won't be sorry!

    1. Try the fried turnip cakes.