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Best SEAFOOD PASTA in LA & surrounding area??

Hi Hounds,

Looking for best linguine with clams, or any fresh seafood pasta.

Like they have in southern Italy.


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    1. I like the seafood pasta at Alejos on Lincoln In MDR.. BYOB and the bread with garlic oil will have you smelling for days! They have several different renditions too..

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        Sounds like a great deal... love those BYOBs!

      2. Vivoli Cafe does an awesome Linguini with Shrimp, Lobster in Pink Sauce, and Penne w/ Salmon.

        L'Angelo's Linguine Mare

        1. Toscana does a wonderful Spaghetti Mare full of clams, mussels and shrimp.

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          1. Via Veneto on Main St in Santa Monica has an amazing pasta with scampi and bottarga.

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              I've been thinking of trying Via Veneto. Wasn't sure if it was considered a tourist trap or not...

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                It has more of a locals vibe than a touristy one, although at this time of year I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of tourists are there.

            2. Haven't been there in a couple of years but Ca Brea has a dish called bigoletti.that I always enjoyed. Thick spaghetti topped with assorted shellfish in a red sauce.

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                  Just there last night and had it. Fantastic, nice place, great service. As our Governer says. I'll be back!

                2. For linguine with clams I love Marino off of Melrose Avenue. All of their pastas are great. Not too heavy and the pasta is al dente.

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                    My friend recommended Marino's to me. Thanks for the reminder!

                  2. Though reports have widely varied, I'm quite okay with Fabiolus Cafe.

                    Never been to the other location, though.

                    Fabiolus Cafe
                    6270 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028

                    1. The spaghetti al cartoccio at Drago in Santa Monica is very good but is usually served for two. The bianchi e neri (black and white tagliolini with baby clams and arugula) at its sister restaurant, Il Pastaio in Beverly Hills, is also quite wonderful.

                      1. No clams, but Domenico's in Pasadena makes a dynamite linguini scampi! One of my all-time favorite dishes.

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                          God, how I love scampi!! Although the scampi in Italy consist of those large shrimp. I don't see scampi here in the states like that.

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                            The scampi at Via Veneto is similar to what I had in Italy.

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                                Wow, after reading a bunch of reviews about VIA VENETO, I feel really discouraged from wanting to eat there! Too many stories of sneaky waiters trying to upsell wine, water, etc. I hate that!

                                Not to mention pressure about table-turnover.

                                Does anyone have negative experiences regarding these things at Via Veneto??