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Aug 19, 2007 07:19 AM

Thuet Bread

Oh my god.

Just picked up my first loaf. I asked which I should try first and the young man I spoke to (son?) steered me toward the potato one on the basis that it turned out well today. Wouldn't have been my first choice all other things being equal, but I decided to go with what he seemed proudest of.

I brought it home and had it with fresh (raw??) butter from Atwater market in Montreal (another story of yummyness) and it was the best bread experience I've had in Toronto.

Anyone else?

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  1. ..try the olive loaf...*sigh*

    1. the foccacia. find a corner and eat the whole thing plain by yourself

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      1. re: chocabot

        Was it the Speck, herbs, and Yukon Gold Potato loaf mentioned on their bakery list?

        That sounds like bread heaven!

      2. The roasted garlic boule, and the plain sourdough, and the baguette, and... !

        Was the butter that you bought from Atwater the farmhouse butter that comes in the small white plastic container? That butter (I get it from the cheese shop that's inside the market, where most of the butchers are) is incredible.

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        1. the sourdough baguette is amazing by toronto standards. ($2.50, which is pretty good compare to the nasty dough taste of ACE). Also their altasian bread is very good, though it's a bit more expensive.

          1. I got a loaf of the Speck Herb and Yukon Gold today, and while it was incredibly good, I could not smell or taste Speck or Herbs, and it didn't seem to be a potato bread. I am wondering if the girl behind the counter gave me the wrong kind?

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              i find the taste is much more pronounced after a day. on my loaf you could see some thin pieces of speck on the top of the loaf and those parts made the paper bag greasy

              1. re: chocabot

                My bag was not the least bit greasy... I think I was given something else.. that's ok, I am definitely planning to go back!

                My friend and I shared a pain au chocolat and agreed it was the best in Toronto - we thought Le Comptoire de Celestin was good, but Thuet was hands down the best.

                1. re: LovelyAsia

                  I find thuet's alsatian croissants/pain au chocolat not comparable to other the croissants in the city. The chocolate he uses is very good but it's bready. A totally different style of pastry.

                  1. re: chocabot

                    I find that everyone has their favourite and after doing a taste test of 5 different pain au chocolat from around the city - it was surprising how different they all were.

                    To us, Clafouti was the most bread like.

                    Rahier and Patachou were a good consistency but not as tasty as our favourites.

                    The winner was Le Comptoire de Celestin with Pain Perdu a close second because of taste and texture.

                    However we both were sold on Thuet even without tasting it against the others - we found it both tasty with a very delicate flakiness with pockets of air between moist layers - not dense and bready like Clafouti.

                    Which is your favourite chocabot?