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Aug 19, 2007 07:14 AM

Need a dim sum suggestion asap!!!

I am taking my boyfriend's parents (from out of town) for dim sum today and I want to find the most amazing, yet most affordable dim sum place in chinatown. i've been to ping's- excellent but a little more than i might want to spend, especially for 5 people.

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  1. Jong fong on elizabeth south of canal is a very nice looking place with exceptional dim sum. Good place to show off to parents. Not cheap but not a killer either.

    Also triple eight on east broadway??? under Manhattan bridge base. Excellent dim sum and selection. Good prices

    Harmony on mott just north of canal on east side of street. Huge noisy fun place. Great for out of towners to see the whole dim sum mayhem in action. Very good hung kong chef running the kitchen. Not the top best dim sum but very very good and fun. Great tea selection. Try black tea and crysanthemum with a little sugar.