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Aug 19, 2007 06:59 AM

Simply Delicioso - new FN show - what do you think?

Just caught an episode of this new show. Its supposed to be FN's entry into latino cooking. Seems to me to be light on content and complexity but heavy on the cleavage - classic FN. But, I might be judging too quickly. Other thoughts?

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  1. I think FN may stand for Frontal Nudity...............

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    1. re: TonyO

      LOL! That's awesome! I've been trying to come up for ages for some sort of Food Network---insane cleavage saying and you just hit the nail on the head. Good job TonyO.

      Haven't seen the new show yet btw...but would be nice if it contributed good Latin recipes since I know little to nothing about cooking this cuisine..but enjoy eating it quite a bit.

      1. re: Elyssa

        Want good Latin recipes? Daisy Cooks! with Daisy Martinez on public TV fills that bill quite nicely. Talented cook and no stupid gimmicks.

        1. re: bkhuna

          Having lived in Miami for nine years, I awaited the launch of this show with eager anticipation. What a disappointment! Once again, the Food Network (Frontal Nudity -- love that!) is promoting what they obviously consider an entertaining "personality" instead of a serious chef who can teach viewers how to prepare good food. Unfortunately, I find Ingrid Hoffman's personality intensely grating.

          Daisy Martinez can also be annoyingly cutesy and flirty at times, but her recipes are truly delicioso! Her Chicken with Figs rocks!

          1. re: WendyBinCT

            Agreed! I purchased Daisy's book which I use a lot.

            1. re: WendyBinCT

              My 'go-to' desert is Daisy's Gypsy's Arm (slightly modified), but VERY good and simple. When I make her Yellow Rice, my family goes crazy it is so good. Ditto for Grandam's chops and others. My only complaint is some of the ingredients she references simply CAN NOT be found. When was the last time you saw a bunch of Culantro in the store? Ditto for the sweet peppers she wants to use in her Sofrito (ajacito dulce??) . But... great recipes and good show.

              The food network has never struck to be a channel that really wanted to teach you to cook anyway. They seem way more about fluff and personality.

      2. Lots of cleavage, lots of finger snapping and hands waving in the air (hey, I'm half Italian/1/4 Hispanic so don't think I'm talking down here) and I've yet to see a recipe that made me want to taste it. Although, yesterday she cooked for a date and tried to make the show amusing, pretending the camera was a friend/third wheel sort of thing. It does bug me the way she doesn't just say the dish she is cooking smells amazing, but asks us out in TV Land how it smells. I own a television, not a smell-o-vision, so I have no idea!

        1. She seems interesting enough but she overacts for the camera. I've only seen a couple of episodes and she seems to do the same schtick every time. For instance, when she seasons a dish w/salt, she always throws some at the camera to be cute. Once, okay I'll give her that, but over and over again??? It just looks artificial at that point. Second that about the cleavage. I don't know if the camera crew is a bunch of pubescent 16 year old boys or the fact that she is constantly showing the cleavage in her wardrobe choice, but enough already! Keep the girls in!

          My take is the FN is giving Ingrid a shot. She seems to be new to tv and needs to learn how to be more natural on air and not act so over the top. She does seem to have some warmth about her, so I'll watch her again.

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          1. re: gyp7318

            Actually, she's had a show called Delicioso on Galavision for about 2 years now.

            1. re: gyp7318

              Unfortunately she's not new to TV...maybe to non-hispanic American audiences, but she has been doing it for a few years now...she hosts the cooking segments on despierta america! (the Univision version of the Today show). That being said, I don't watch despierta America so I cna't say if its the same shtick or not...however I did find this link, so you be the judge ;)

              You can see her "en accion" here, lol!


            2. holy geez. i find myself feeling that this lady is too in your face. over acting or putting too much on it could be the description. i guess television personalities on the food network are famous for the way they make us feel about ourselves. i'm just watching the show with the sound off and it looks like she's trying to sell it too hard. oh well. i knew it would be bad from the commercial, but who knows, maybe she'll just tone it down some later on.

              1. I was excited about this show when it first came out. I recorded all the shows and was a little disappointed. I do like the hosts energy but after a while it gets a little annoying. She is a beautiful woman so the cleavage isn't a big deal, but it gets distracting.
                Also, did anyone else notice that when Americas Next Food Network Star was on, Jag was talking about how there is a lack of latino cooking on FN. Then, this show comes out? Maybe just a coincidence?

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                1. re: jroxybabe19

                  No production schedules dictate that this show was well in the works before JAG arrived. But they had him on talking about how he wanted to do a Latino show knowing full well they weren't going to use him. They also started showing adds for her show while he was still a contestant thereby informing us that they were going to use him.

                  I did see part(all I could take of one show. Got real bored of her whole 'Delicioso' lifestyle shtick. She like the love child of Giada and Rachel Ray. She also seems to embody all of the traits and characteristics that the 'judges' on the Next Food Network Star' were so critical of in the contestants.