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Aug 19, 2007 05:14 AM

What to do with Baby Fennel?

Went to the farmers market yesterday and picked up a beautiful bunch of baby fennel. I'm a fennel fan but have never come across it in tiny form. Any ideas?

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  1. Slice real thin,add good olives (I prefer oil cured)some oranges blood orange if you have(no garlic) but sliced red onions and some E.V.O let stand at room temp serve with a splash of balsamic.Fennel really compliments fish espcially oily fish,blue fish, mackeral etc as well as whole fish with the skin fresh tomato, capers oregano garlic real mediteranian then broil

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    1. re: scunge

      I agree - a perfect combination. Walnuts would be a nice alternative to olives, with a little walnut oil drizzled on as well.

    2. I love to grill them over charcoal, or in a pork braise. My daughter loves when I roast it with parsnips, onions and potatoes.

      Fennel can substitute for celery in the mirepoix of most dishes.

      1. Brown and then braise in a little stock with some lemon zest. Squeeze a little lemon over and serve with parmesan. The NYT published a similar recipe this past spring. So good.

        1. I had the most delicious fennel and blue cheese dip last night - really really great!

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            How was the fennel incorporated - I'm imagining it chopped finely, or cooked and pureed?

          2. Because these little buddies are SOOO CUTE, i kinda want to maintain/showcase their shape/size...I'm thinking of a stovetop braise with a little sweetness added (honey?) and a little acid (lemon?)