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Aug 18, 2007 10:53 PM

The Rib Eyes at Mesa Ranch

Hello Chowhounds,

Thought I saw a topic here recently about Mesa Ranch grill, but either Search is not turning it up, or it was poofed. That topic inspired me to give it a try, and am glad I did.

My first impression of Mesa Ranch after being seated was that the restaurant had a very friendly "neighborhood" feel to it. Something about the singer, the small crowd, the decor, immediately gave me this "I've found a neighborhood hangout" feeling.

What followed was a big surprise - definitely the best steak I've had in Texas. A Mesquite-grilled bone-in rib-eye, medium rare. The rub put it over the top - It made the char crust absolutely delicious. Yet it added nothing weird or frou-frou :-). (Which would not be fitting of their byline, "A true Texas Grill")

The downside of enjoying this Rib-eye was that so far I had claimed rights to making the best (wet-aged) mesquite-grilled steak ever as seared and roasted in my Big Green Egg. Alas, my cousin proclaimed theirs was better, and I had to agree.

The waiter said the owner packaged their rub for sale the last holiday season but haven't made more since. So I tracked down the owner and told him that if he didn't make more to sell I'd stalk him till he did.

Hopefully that will work :-).

I've been back once, the 2'nd time getting the same bone-in rib-eye only the larger portion. and taking the leftovers home for 2 more tasty snacks. Second time I was with a person from work who ordered the same thing, but his was underdone - rare, not medium rare. They took it back to heat it up, but it still seemed very rare. Mine was perfect :-).

Their pork tenderloin looked really good, and the game sounded interesting, but I don't ever see myself ordering anything else but the rib-eye.

I tried the fried cactus appetizer. The fried aspect of it was good (very good breading), but I didn't really enjoy the cactus part. Their cactus-shaped corn bread was good, not great. (Since I've made corn bread with real corn kernals in it, all others seem a distant second.) But the shape was very cute, *and* the spiced / herbed butter on the side was delicious.

The only negative about the restaurant was that it was on the warm side, and I always bring anti-air conditioning light jackets with me into restaurants, even in the summer. Mirabelle across the street was uncomfortably warm the last time I went. Maybe it's something about the power supply on Mesa drive :-).

I really enjoyed Mesa Ranch. Both times I've been there however, the crowd seemed too small for the quality of the restaurant. I hope they do well and keep that neighborhood feel to it. And I really hope do another run of their rub !!


Other topic where Mesa Ranch was mentioned:

Mesa Ranch
"A True Texas Grill"
8108 Mesa Drive,Austin 512-853-9480

Monday–Thursday, 11:00 a.m.–9:30 p.m.
Friday, 11:00 a.m.–10:00 p.m.
Saturday, 5:00 p.m.–10:00 p.m.
Closed Sunday's

From their website:
"Mesa Ranch serves Nolan Ryan all-natural guaranteed tender steaks, along with native Game, Chicken, and fresh Seafood . The Longhorn Bar features a full bar with a great selection of Texas and California wines, cocktails, and cold beer. Enjoy your beverages with live music nightly. With more than 40 years of experience, our family-owned-and-operated restaurant provides you with great service and a bold and spicy menu, Texas style."

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful review. I will check this place out sometime soon.

    1. I was there recently and the interior of the restaurant was extremely warm ... so much so that we elected to sit outdoors even though it was a humid evening. I suspect they need to maintain or replace their AC system. Although the food was good - and I do enjoy their cactus fries - the service was lousy: we had to constantly ask different servers - and even the bus boys - to refill our drinks and water since our server ignored us for most of the meal. I would suggest that Mesa Ranch is suffering slightly from complacency.

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      1. re: TAF

        I went there last Wednesday and had the same problems with the service. Nothing really came out at the right time. We both ordered the filet - medium rare - and they were both on the verge of being well done. We would have sent them back, had it not already taken an hour to get them. We just ate them and left, pretty disappointed.

      2. I really enjoy MR. We go for Friday lunch on a regular basis and both the Chicken Fried Venison and the Venison Cheesesteak are quite good.

        I've had the shrimp chile rellenos and I've liked them as well. They're very light (no batter, no frying)

        1. I've only been to Mesa Ranch once, and it was a year ago, but my experience was not so great. The service was outright surly and the bone in ribeye was not a great steak. It was poorly marbled and had little flavor, and was sided by a paltry two spears of asparagus. I will admit that my companion's chicken fried venison was pretty good; still, I haven't been back and it's not on my list.

          1. At Mesa Ranch I had the same waiter both times, and he was very attentive, prompt, and courteous.

            Consistency in training (people) service staff seems to be such a difficult thing to get right, even for a single-location single-owner place (the easiest context). A chain that seems to do this best is Houstons. It's so clear in the staff's delivery that they have been trained well and consistently.

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            1. re: sweet100s

              That's because Houstons has one of the more rigourous training programs out there. If you wanted to work Friday or Saturdays, you had to go through additional training. At least that was the rule of thumb when I still knew people working there.