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Aug 18, 2007 09:11 PM

The Ultimate PB&J: What's your preference?

PB&J, it's a classic. What's your take on this sandwich?

My preference: Laura Scudder's Old Fashioned Unsalted PB on thickly sliced white bread from the local bakery with banana slices and strawbery jam.

Oh man, so good. I could live off this stuff forever =D.

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  1. For a meal: Peanut Butter, Jelly and Wonder Bread.

    For a dessert: Peanut butter, marshmallow, honey, jelly and Wonder Bread

    1. Bouchon bakery has a nice twist -- cashew butter and mango paste. I haven't tried it; but, I'm pretty sure almond butter would be nice as well!

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      1. re: ajgnet

        I have tried their CB&A (cashew butter and apricot jam). Very tasty!

        Comes with a side of banana chips.

      2. Sadly

        Skippy Creamy + Strawberry + White bread for nostalgia


        TJ's Salted Creamy + Apricot Preserves or Boysenberry Preserves + Wheat bread

        For decadence, batter and fry the above as a PBJ Monsieur

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        1. re: Emme

          I was flamed in the 'ordering pbj in restaurant' threads for touting the glory of cashew butter!

          My favorites: cashew butter, dark chocolate muffin, rasberry jam

          Flaxseed bagel, almond butter

          Cinnamon Rasin Bread, Crazy Richard's Chunky PB, strawberry jam

          1. re: veganish

            My new favorite combo is Almond Butter from TJ's w/ Sarabeth's Strawberry or Mixed Berry jam. I don't even need the bread frankly, just the condiments in a dish with a spoon...

        2. Toasted, thickly sliced, brown bread

          Thick layer of Skippy of Jif (not too picky - but definitely North American peanut butter. I'm Norwegian, and the stuff they make over here simply cannot compare), but it must be crunchy

          Thin layer of raspberry jam. I don't see that many other people who prefer raspberry jam (usually it's grape or strawberry)


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          1. re: hangrygirl

            I prefer raspberry. Definitely. I don't like grape jelly at all, and I'm lukewarm on strawberry. Apricot would be my second choice. I'll eat either crunchy or smooth, but for sandwiches, I prefer crunchy. I haven't eaten enough pb&j sandwiches to have a definitive opinion about the bread.

            1. re: hangrygirl

              I'm with you on the raspberry, but homemade only. (And my finickiness is why I haven't responded to this thread yet! I wouldn't want to frighten anyone.)

              My mother, her siblings, and my grandmother kept me well-stocked in homemade jams as a child. Thanks to their diligence I cannot swallow the chemical-laden over-sugared stuff that you find in groceries and specialty stores. Fortunately I haven't had to resort to jam making because there's a nice grandmotherly woman at the farmer's market who fills my pantry.

              So yeah, raspberry jam or no jam. Homemade bread is preferred, but I'll take a thick dense store bought if it can be found.

              And grape? That gives me nightmares!

              1. re: odkaty

                Oh yes, raspberry is my favorite.. homemade only, I make it and if its off season then its blackberry..Skippy Chunky PB on fresh toasted buttermilk bread, and left open-faced, with a ice cold glass of milk.

                Fig and Peach or Fig and Raspberry is also up there.

                Oh and you want to make a rice cake go down easier? Peanut butter and jam on that makes it a nice snack.

                1. re: chef chicklet

                  I thought the only reason to eat rice cakes was to decrease your fat intake. Doesn't adding pb kinda defeat that purpose?

            2. I have 2, both involving either Smucker's Natural Smooth (which still has some satisfying grit to it), or Teddy Peanut Butter if I'm in Boston. The bread is some good honey-wheat that won't tear.

              Sandwich one: Freshly cut grapes straight from the fridge. They're like little fireworks of sweet and juicy, which counter the PB nicely.

              Sandwich two: A good smear of Trappist Raspberry Preserves. Best raspberry flavor ever.