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Aug 18, 2007 08:55 PM

In Seattle for 1 day

My husband & I are going to be in Seattle on the 31st. We're in town to see DMB but we are spending one day visiting Seattle before we make the drive to the Gorge.
I'm a pastry chef from SF bay area & would like to sample Seattle's finest sweets.

How hard is it to get into Salumi? Is it a really long wait? I would love to eat here but seeing as we are in town for 1 day I don't want to spend most of it in line.
I'm looking for the neighborhood spots, the mom & pop shops..not the fancy places that get all the press.
We will have a car so getting around is no problem. I've been here a couple of times so I'm somewhat familiar with the area.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. I so love this town & hope to move here one day.

Thanks for your help

I should add that any cuisine is welcome. We are very adventurous eaters.

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  1. For Salumi, call into the shop on the morning of your visit and order your food. Then when you get there you can bypass the line. It is also preferable to get there at 10:45 for an 11:00am opening. This will likely ensure that you will get in with little wait.

    As a pastry chef who wants to sample sweets I would recomment Cafe Besalu.His pain au chocolate IMO is the best there is. I have not found any better. He has been widely acclaimed in Seattle. It is often closed around holidays but may be open on Friday the 31sts at 7am. I will check and post again.

    I recently tried Neilsen's Danish bakery. It was amazing.
    This is on 2nd Ave. on Lower Queen Anne Hill.


    1. The El Diablo at Tango (a tapas restaurant) is often said to be the best dessert in town--intense chocolate dusted with hot chile sitting on a bed of meringue with caramel and cocoa nibs. Really yummy and delicious.