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Where can I find the best fried chicken?

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I am in search of some really good fried chicken. I rarely eat fried chicken but I am starting a fast on Wednesday and I have found myself having a craving for it. I will probably want a place where I can get take out and then I can make some sides or buy some somewhere. I plan to get some greens from Porky's BBQ in Inglewood. I know alot say that they have really good fried chicken but can I find better elsewhere?

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  1. Dinah's

    Albertson's (ask for a fresh batch and it'll be ready in 10-15 minutes)


    Cynthia's (if you like peppery, skinless breast versions which many do adore and follow with the cobbler piled high with vanilla haagen-dazs)

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      Second, third and fourth Pann's. Much better than Roscoe's, and HUGE pieces - those wings are bigger than most other places' drumsticks! Note of caution, though - if you're getting it to go, let the chicken cool down before you close the box lid, or else the condensation will make the coating go all un-crisp.

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        With all of the chicken Pann's serves, I'm surprised they don't package it in containers with openings at the corners to let steam and condensation escape. My local Thai delivery joint, Siam Chan, has excellent vented boxes to make sure the mee krob stays crispy.

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          I have never noticed much take away business at Pann's. We take chicken home of course, but it has totally cooled off by the time we are ready to leave, post meal.

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        I'm with you on the Albertson's!

        1. Get Golden Bird fried chicken from Porky's when you pick up your greens.

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          1. Though I like southern fried chicken, I've been craving the Korean chicken wings at Kyochon. They make it to order, so it takes about 15 minutes before you get your food. It's best when eaten immediately... the wings have a very delicate crispiness that probably will not survive a trip in the car. It's also for that reason why I prefer the regular flavor over the spicy variant. The spicy/sweet sticky syrup destroys the crispness of the chicken.

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              It is excellent chicken, I agree. Usually takes 25-30 mins as it is fried in oil for 15 mins, butter for 5 and oil for another 5.

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                You're probably right about the frying times. All I could remember about waiting for the chicken was the plate after plate of pickled daikons we went through.

            2. Louisiana fried chicken on western...enjoy

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                Louisiana Fried Chicken independent franchisees are everywhere, quality will vary tremendously.
                Porky's/Golden Bird is good, but you might like Popeye's or Churchs as well.

                Tari: Search for 'soul food' restaurants that are in your area (Which Is ???).

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                  very true regarding the quality of different locations, but if you havet,go to the one on manchester and you will see exactly what im talking about =]

              2. For something new, try Chickenjoy from Jolibee, a Filipino fastfood chain that has several locations around town (usually in a Seafood City strip). I love the stuff, but I did grow up loving Jolibee, so I hope it's something worth trying for you.

                While you're there, try their Jollibee sweet spaghetti with hotdogs. Combined with the chicken, it's like a children's party in your mouth! For dessert, trek down to the Chowking next door, grab a halo-halo and you just had a complete Filipino meal :)

                1. This may sound crazy but I've found Ralph's fried chicken pretty good and the prices are half that of commercial fried chicken places. The only problem is that you need to have them make it fresh otherwise it's just plain ole reheated chicken. $3.49 for eight pieces of hot steaming chicken ain't a bad deal if you had to ask me! And they give you free napkins too...life is good!

                  1. Try Donahoos in Pomona. Great rolls, too

                    1. Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles

                      1. There's a new place in Eagle Rock called Larkins that has some amazing fried chicken..it's not take out but they do to-go orders.
                        It's super crispy and has got a kick of spice...the dark meat rocks! I was amazed how juicey the white meat was but I prefer the leg and thigh bits...yum...it's hard to choose between the chicken or the catfish there.
                        I LOVE their potato salad too.

                        1. No, you can't find better chicken elsewhere than the Golden Bird stuff they make at Porky's. Just make sure to have the freshly-made ones rather than ones that have been under the sunlamp too long.

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                            Dont Forget Dinah's by LAX on Sepulveda

                          2. IMO,
                            1) Golden Bird at Porky's. Where else can you find chicken so juicy?
                            2) Dinah's in Glendale. Just great chicken and good pineapple slaw.
                            3) Dinah's in Culver City. The chicken 'n waffles combo is MUCH better than Roscoe's.
                            Same recipe as in Glendale but different owners and much different restaurant
                            4) Get the island fried chicken from The LOFT in Torrance. This restaurant is where
                            displaced Hawaiians get Hawaiian food!!!

                            1. Louisiana Fried Chicken!!! Even better than fresh Popeye's. Better spice. But Popeye's when fresh is really good too. But FRESH batch is the key. I had one of the best piece's of chicken in my life and one of the worst at the same meal when my friend brought over some Popeye's and I think it's cause' we bought so much that some was from an old batch and one was fresh. Mmm. Living in South Central, we had lots of chicken and those are the best two to us and the squishy good fries with it not those hard bland kind. Couldn't believe some of the bland oily after taste leavin' chicken people have suggested that was good before in our outings. I love Flavor. And hey, if you want good fried chicken, I wouldn't be thinking about fat intake, it's good once in awhile ahahaha. Live it up.

                              1. - there is a Golden Bird at the Baldwin Hills mall, in the back
                                - The Bird on Slauson & West Blvd
                                - Pollo Campero, Slauson & Western and near the Costco on Century (not far from Porky's)
                                - Honey Kettle in Culver City

                                I like Porky's baked beans - killer!

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                                  oooh...Honey Kettle chicken is SO good. The breading is so crunchy. Their sides are amazing. Last I remember, even their fries were amazing. The biscuits were awesome there too.

                                  Going back up a few replies, Korean fried chicken is also very tasty. They take a rotisserie chicken and flash fry it. The result: Lightly crispy skin, with moist and juicy meat. Roll it up in a dumpling skin (dduk boh ssahm) and dip it in a sweet chili sauce. Goes well with a light beer. To die for...drool

                                  Try it at:
                                  The Prince
                                  8th and Catalina

                                2. Please dont Hate me for this... I LOVE K F C . Fried Chicken
                                  Sometimes they do tend to have a little too much sodium.
                                  Here is what I do... When I drive by a KFC my nose tells me if they are cooking a good batch. I truly can tell by the smell outside if its a good batch or not.
                                  Thanks, Brian