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Aug 18, 2007 08:14 PM

Need Advice re: Whidbey Island Eats


I will be going to Whidbey in early Sept. I will be staying in Langley. Looking for good food- esp. good seafood/fish (I don't eat other kinds of meat). Open to all types of cuisine. Not really wanting to drive a lot but will travel a little if something is particularly wonderful. Other threads I've found on this board seem kinda old so I'd love to hear from ppl. who have been there recently. Price isn't that important- I've only got 2 days so I'll splurge if necessary. I know that the restaurant at the Inn at Langley gets a lot of attention- wondering if it's worth the $$.

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  1. I was just at the Inn at Langley two weeks ago and it was *amazing*. The chef, Matt Costello, starts out the evening explaining where he sources his foods - most of them come right from the island. It's really neat to hear about the island community in that way. The food itself is wonderful. If you can swing the cost, it's more than worth it.

    Also, they have a gift for matching wines with the food. We did the wine flight - my friend walked in thinking she didn't even like wine, and walked out having enjoyed every single glass.

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      completely agreed, i can't say enough nice things about it. we've been there twice (once to celebrate our engagement), loved it each time. the food is great, i love how it's local, seasonal, and incredibly fresh - a lot of the ingredients were harvested that day. as for the wine, I've had a few wine flights paired with food at other restaurants, and thought that the inn at langley really did an amazing job. i absolutely *loved* 3 of the wines, probably mostly due to how well they were paired. also, the dining room is really intimate - around 45 people, which is nice. if you can actually stay at the inn for a night, i'd definitely recommend that too. their complimentary brunch in the mornings is really good - after our first visit, we really looked forward to it our second stay! (and the rooms are nice too, of course)

    2. I also dined at the Inn at Langley recently. It was very good. Whether it was worth the price is debatable. It may not suit your needs since it is a fixed menu, which will include a meat course. It was lamb chops the night I was there.

      I think the best place on southern Whidbey Island for fish is the Oystercatcher, in Coupeville. You may also find excellent seafood at Gordon's, in Freeland.

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        I have heard that the Oystercatcher will be closed for some time starting in September, due to a change in the owners so definitely call ahead about the dates you will be in town. You will probably need a reservation there anyway due to its small size.

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          I dropped by the Oystercatcher off a recomendation on here and it indeed was closed and is being renovated.

      2. do a search on this board for my handle(bighound) or for blue goose inn and you'll see my report on the wondrerful meal we had for our anniversary. you can thank me later.

        1. Let me be the latest to add a recommendation for the Inn at Langley. I have eaten there several times over the past 15 years or so and have always been pleased.

          1. For us, the Inn @ Langley was worth the $$. I loved it that the chef came out and spoke to us about the menu & the preparation that went into it. Very intimate.

            Inn At Langley
            400 1st St, Langley, WA 98260