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Aug 18, 2007 07:58 PM

Need A Cake Bakery in Greenville, SC

As a total frosting junkie, I need some serious Chowhound help. I am questing a spectacular bakery in Greenville, SC to craft an awesome birthday cake. Strossner's has proven to be an over-rated radical disappointment and I need direction. The primary focus is on finding an outstanding frosting (dense with a touch of granulation...nothing light or whipped); secondary is a moist white cake. Is Stax worth considering? Please let me know your favorite cake bakeries.

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  1. Agreed about Strossner's cakes. I like Stax for their mini-pastries, but not a huge fan of the cakes.

    What about Rocky Creek Bakehouse? I've never been, but it's on my short list of things to check out very soon. I've heard from a handful of people that it's worth checking out - so maybe Danna (etc) has been for a better opinion of what they offer??

    Good luck and I'll be interested to see what you find!

    1. Oh Man, does Strossners ever suck. You hear people recommend it all the time (not so much on this board - but in real life.) Actually, I think Strossners has been around a really long time and may have been decent 20 years ago.

      I used to live near Stax Omega right out of college, and don't care to discuss how long that's been, but I used to go over there for dessert. The best of my memory is that the desserts were OK, but not great. I think it's probably worth a try, though.

      Whole Foods makes birthday cake...I'm not sure you would like their frosting. It's definitely buttercream..very buttery...when you say granulation, I'm thinking you prefer the old fashioned powdered sugar frosting.

      Coffee Underground makes a strawberry cake that I remember as being pretty good, but that's been a while sinces I've tried it. I LOOKS good.

      For a special order, Amy at 33 Liberty made a cake for my office birthday party. She's a professional, her stuff is great, I think I paid $40 for a 9" cake.

      Sorry no more help. I bake a lot, plus we have an honest-to-god Cake Lady who brings cake to our office functions so I'm usually on cake overload.

      1. A quick update on the hunt...

        Stax has a respectable frosting; they need to as they only offer "yellow" and "chocolate" cakes. Can you say, "we buy frozen cakes and frost them"? Toss in some shockingly poor customer service at the counter and you have a very special recipe for disaster. Needless to say, Stax has confirmed it is best reserved for the late night drunken dining palate.

        Next stop was Whole Foods. Unfortunately, Whole Foods (Woodruff Rd.) does not bake cakes on-site; disappointingly, they instead import frozen cakes from Atlanta. Whole Foods matches Stax in their enthralling offerings of “vanilla (AKA ‘yellow’)” and “chocolate”.

        Am I the only owner of an oven in Greenville?

        A glimmer of hope...after an encouraging phone conversation, I am off to Gretchen’s ABS Cakes in Mauldin later this week. Gretchen (gasp!) makes all of her cakes on-site and is not just some glorified "frostery", as I now call the others. Most promising, Gretchen makes an almond sublime dream flavor. At this point, though, just hearing someone offer cake selections beyond the dismal skating rink selections of "yellow" and "chocolate" makes me believe in all things sugar, butter and yummy again.

        I will update with my Mauldin findings. I am not yet obsessed; however, I am open to the concept.

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          Hilarious post, powderhound. I'm glad you're in Greenville. Do keep us posted.

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            Up in Cleveland, my family swears by Giant Eagle (grocery chain) cakes. Their white cake is almondy and moist and the frosting is not too sweet. Does Bi-Lo or Publix offer up quality cakes?

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              Gretchen does a great job. You might also want to try A Taste Of Heaven. The owner taught a cake decorating class I took and she does awesome work.


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            1. I've gotten some delicious cakes at Brick Street Cafe in Greenville. They have a sweet potato cake that is extremely good.