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Aug 18, 2007 06:31 PM

Wine Access Top 100 Canadian Restaurants

Anyone seen it yet? Everywhere seems to be sold out. maybe I'm just in the store too late.

If you have it.... Opinions? Deserving or not? Who's missing that should be there? Who shouldn't be there that is?

(For non-Canadians, Wine Access is the largest food and beverage publication in Canada)

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  1. Where do they sell this magazine, I checked online and there was no mention of the best 100 restaurants.

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      1. re: industry worker

        Are the wonderful places I ate in Quebec City there: Toast! and Cafe du Clocher Penche? If not, which QC restaurants made the list?

        1. re: industry worker

          what Toronto restaurants are on. Is there a link?

        2. re: chef223

          Where are you(which town or city)? Until this issue came out, I had never never heard of this publication.

        3. What Toronto resto's are on the list??????

          1. I think Food and Drink, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario's house mag, is the biggest food and bev mag, isn't it?

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              1. re: BLM

                Sorry it's taken so long to add the Toronto Restaurants.
                The 100 points came based on 50 for food, 15 for wine list, 15 for service, 10 for ambiance, 10 for decor
                It's rated by every 5 points....
                95+ Splendido
                90-94 North 44, Truffles
                85-89 Canoe, Chiado, Colbourne Lane, The Fifth, George, Globe Bistro, JKWB, Lai Wah Ween, Mistura, Pangea, Scaramouche, Susur
                80-84 Barberians, Didier, Joso's, Starfish, Tony de Luca (Niagara), Treadwell (Niagara)

            1. Here's the complete list (which nobody has posted yet)

              Wine Access's Top 100
              Canada’s Best Restaurants
              By Margaret Swaine
              Photography by Frances Juriansz


              The Criteria

              100 Points Available
              Food: 50
              Wine List: 15
              Service: 15
              Ambience: 10
              Décor: 10

              95+ Points
              SPLENDIDO (Toronto)

              90-94 Points
              ARAXI (Whistler)
              BEARFOOT BISTRO (Whistler)
              CIOPPINO’S MEDITERRANEAN GRILL (Vancouver)
              FID (Halifax)
              FRESCO (Kelowna)
              HOVEY MANOR (North Hatley)
              LA CHRONIQUE (Montreal)
              LALOUX (Montreal)
              LA PINSONNIÈRE (La Malbaie)
              LAURIE RAPHAËL (Quebec City)
              LE CLUB CHASSE ET PECHE (Montreal)
              L’UTOPIE (Quebec City)
              NORTH 44 (Toronto)
              TOQUÉ! (Montreal)
              TRUFFLES (Toronto)
              WEST (Vancouver)

              85-89 Points
              AU PIED DE COCHON (Montreal)
              BLUE WATER CAFÉ (Vancouver)
              BISHOP’S (Vancouver)
              BISTRO A CHAMPLAIN (Ste. Marguerite du Lac Masson)
              C RESTARUANT (Vancouver)
              CAFÉ BRIO (Victoria)
              CANOE (Toronto)
              CAPO (Calgary)
              CENTINI (Calgary)
              CHEZ L’EPICIER (Montreal)
              CHIADO (Toronto)
              COLBORNE LANE (Toronto)
              CRU (Vancouver)
              DA MAURIZIO (Halifax)
              DERRIÈRE LES FAGOTS (Laval)
              L’EAU A LA BOUCHE (Ste. Adèle)
              L’EXPRESS (Montreal)
              EUROPEA (Montreal)
              THE FIFTH (Toronto)
              GEORGE (Toronto)
              GIO (Halifax)
              THE GLOBE BISTRO (Toronto)
              HARDWARE GRILL (Edmonton)
              LINITIALE (Quebec City)
              JAMIE KENNEDY WINEBAR (Toronto)
              JOE BEEF (Montreal)
              LAI WAH HEEN (Toronto)
              LE CORDON BLEU (Ottawa)
              LUMIÈRE (Vancouver)
              MILOS (Montreal)
              MISTURA (Toronto)
              MOISHES STEAK HOUSE (Montreal)
              PANAGEA (Toronto)
              THE PEAR TREE (Burnaby)
              THE POINTE AT WICKANINNISH (Tofino)
              RIVER CAFÉ (Calgary)
              ROUGE RESTO CLUB (Moncton)
              SAEGE BISTRO (Halifax)
              SCARAMOUCHE (Toronto)
              SENSES (Toronto)
              THE SHORE CLUB (Vancouver)
              SUSUR (Toronto)
              TEMPEST (Wolfville)
              TOJO’S (Vancouver)
              THE TRIBUNE (Calgary)
              THE WILLOW ON WASCANA (Regina)

              80-84 Points
              BARBERIAN’S STEAHOUSE & TAVERN (Toronto)
              BIN 941/942 (Vancouver)
              BECKTA (Ottawa)
              THE BELVEDERE (Calgary)
              BIANCA’S CUISINE DE SOLEIL (St. John's)
              BISTRO AT BAKER CREEK (between Lake Louise & Banff)
              THE BLUE PEAR (Edmonton)
              BREWBAKERS (Fredericton)
              BRUNOISE (Montreal)
              CHIVES CANADIAN BISTRO (Halifax)
              DIDIER (Toronto)
              FERREIRA CAFÈ TRATTORIA (Montreal)
              THE FUSION GRILL (Winnipeg)
              GLUTTONS (Winnipeg)
              JACK’S GRILL (Edmonton)
              JOSO’S (Toronto)
              LE FINE GROBE SUR MER (Nigadoo)
              LE LATINI (Montreal)
              LITTLE LOUIS’ OYSTER BAR (Moncton)
              LA MAISON TAIT (Shediac)
              LA MONTÉE DE LAIT (Montreal)
              OFF BROADWAY (Charlottetown)
              OPERA BISTRO (Saint John)
              THE POST HOTEL (Lake Louise)
              QUARRY BISTRO AND WINEBAR (Canmore)
              RISTORANTE PRIMO ET SECONDO (Montreal)
              SOOKE HARBOUR HOUSE (Sooke)
              SUEDE LOUNGE (Edmonton)
              SUN SUI WAH (Vancouver)
              STARFISH OYSTERBED & GRILL (Toronto)
              SEVEN WINE BAR AND RESTAURANT (Halifax)
              TOASTED OAK WINE BAR & GRILL (Oliver)
              TONY DE LUCA (Niagara)
              TREADWELL (Niagara)
              VIJI’S (Vancouver)
              ZUCCA (Toronto)

              OK go at it!

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              1. re: estufarian

                This list in a way reflects on your accessment as to whether EF is Michelin star standard or not!! Indeed, since EF does not have a wine list and the ambience is questionable, it doesn't even make the above list. Therefore your comment in another posting that EF will not get a star is spot on!!

                1. re: estufarian

                  Upon closer review of the list, I am surprised to see the omission of Perigee (Toronto), Via Allegro (Toronto), Rundles (Stratford), Langdon Hall (Cambridge) and Diva at the Met (Vancouver) from the list. As a Torontonian, I am also surprised to see the inclusion of The Fifth, Barberian, Globe Bistro and Zucca. They are fairly good restaurants, but to see a 'pseudo steakhouse' like The Fifth and a bistro like The Globe Bistro ranked side by side with the likes of Canoe and Susur simply doesn't make any sense. Also, if Didier is included then why not Thuet or Auberge du Pommier? Both of the latter have equally if not better food and wine. Lastly, the article should also have an honorary mention of restaurants such as Tojo (Vancouver), Sushi Kaji (Toronto) and Eigensinn Farm (Collingwood). All three are being penalized by their 'lack of wine' but their food are far superior than a lot of the top 100!!

                  1. re: estufarian

                    Interesting post to read, 7 years later!