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Aug 18, 2007 06:02 PM

Lobster Roll... or Fresh Lobster Meat?

As a Torontonian who is still readjusting from 8 yrs in Manhattan, I have learned to make do without many things. However, I have recently been craving a lobster roll.

I had it at NYC's Pearl's Oyster bar where the famed lobster roll comes with a pile of fresh meat in a light coating of Hellmann's mayo on a top-loaded Pepperidge Farm New England roll and crispy shoestring fries.

A search on this board did not seem to yield an answer.

So... does anyone know in which direction someone at Yonge and Bloor must go to find a lobster roll?

Or at least where I can buy fresh, shelled lobster meat so I can make it myself.

I tried at the St Lawrence Market and Kensington's but no luck. I either had to buy cooked lobsters and shell it myself, or a can of frozen Acadian lobster meat.

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  1. The meat will deteriorate if held fresh. Even the frozen cans say it has to be used as soon as thawed. Some lobster counters will cook while you wait (Sobey's is one) so maybe you can ask them to crack the shells as well.
    I don't like the flavour of pre-cooked frozen lobsters, and the flavour /texture of canned frozen is nothing like fresh. I would guess that only a busy N.Y. or Boston place could keep a supply of fresh meat for rolls. We're not so busy here.

    1. Crap... I thought I had the answer for you, but not so much.

      These folks... had a booth selling lobster rolls at the Beer Festival last weekend, but they do catering only. I guess it depends on just how desperate you are. :


      Barring that... any McDonald's east of the New Brunswick/Quebec border should be able to help you out. It just doesn't seem to be a big thing here. If you're desperate, maybe check to see if Subway is still doing the lobster subs?

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        Thanks for the info... Catered Claw... that's useful to know. :) Subway had the lobster roll for literally a second before taking it off the menu.

        So far it seems I have to learn to do without yet another thing here in Toronto... <sigh>

      2. Slightly off topic, but I couldn't resist. If you ever head east, stop in Lancaster Ontario and try a perch roll. I've never had a lobster roll, but this sounds similar, with the fish being perch out of the St. Lawrence. Sometimes it's fresh perch, and sometimes it's not, in which case it will be called a "fish roll". I think it's excellent, but then again, probably your craving is for the lobster, not just the bun and mayo. A lobster roll does sound even better, come to think of it. Now I want one.

        1. Gosh, sounds really rough to have to live in Toronto!

          Jump has a lobster roll on the lunch menu at the moment. I enjoyed it. Not the same as Pearl's... but that got Ed's Lobster Bar in trouble, didn't it?

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          1. re: Minnow


            Well, NYC is an unfair reference point to most cities...

            And I am still trying to find a pastry shop that makes the specialty from Bordeaux called le canele, among other things.

            1. re: Minnow

              That is not what got Ed in trouble. He used to work at Pearl's in the kitchen and when he left to open his own place he created a carbon copy of Pearl's, including the menu. At least that's what the Pearl people claim. I can see a resemblance but that's about it. My vote goes to the Mary's Fish Camp lobster roll.

            2. The original comment has been removed