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Aug 18, 2007 05:34 PM

Good pizza in Middletown, CT?

The only Middletown pizza I've had is from Illiano's, which I find decent, but not great- a little doughy for my taste. Are there any other good choices for pizza in the area? I've read some mixed reviews of Jerry's, most regarding that specialty pizza of theirs. How is their other pizza? Any recommendations would be appreciated!

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  1. Jerry's other pizza is mediocre. but the white sicilian will beat your ass- it's a super snarky pie, not for the meek. filled with tons of anchovies, crushed red pepper, garlic, and basil(?) on a square pie baked to an ultimate snark sensation. really unique and amazing- call 2 hours in advance to get one- it's well worth trying, but if you are in middletown, hop in the car and you are in new haven in 20 or so minutes at the best apizza in the country- sally's, pepe's, modern go get em tiger... enjoy- fb

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      What is snark(y)? In Norwegian, snark is the scum that forms on top of boiled milk i.e. scummy. As a Wesleyan dad I agree w/ the lack of good za. How is O'Rourkes comming along?

    2. Wooster Stree has an restaurant in Cromwell on Route 372 at 217. It is almost as good as the New HAven places without having to go so far. Luna also has a place in Cromwell and it is good too. Jay

      1. First and Last Tavern on Main Street does a decent pizza.

        1. I live in Middletown and would agree with above, best in town are Iliano's and First and Last, and in area, Luna in Cromwell is best - really great sauce flavor, very thin crust, fresh vege toppings. In next-door Rockfall/Middlefield, there is also DaVinci's, which is pretty good, too. They're a local chain, like Iliano's. An Italian friend who is particular about pizza swears DaVinci's is the best, though I prefer Luna.

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            While we are on the topic of pizza in that area, does anyone know the name of that stuffed pizza? It is almost like a pie, with a top crust and everything and it has potatoes, and whatever else is in it.

            The first and only time I have ever had it was when I was living in Middletown and someone brought some to us from a pizza joint a few towns over. It is damn good, but I forget what it is called. I want to say it was 'sporkie' or something along those lines. Also wondering if anyone knows of anyplace outside of the Middletown CT area that sells it.

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              I think you are thinking of a sciattia (sp?), a sicilian speciality. The public market on Main St. in Middletown sells them. Potato, brocolli and sauce and spinach and sausage, though you can order them special I think.

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                Is Ilano's that place with the outdoor dining--sort of rustic, in the same area as Wes Wings and the Hillel? I used to go to Wesleyan, and I loved their Greek pizza with tomato sauce, melted feta cheese and spinach--also their pizza primavera with peppers, tomatos, and very light cheese and a sprinkle of grated parm.

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                  No that's Giuseppes. Which was the best pizza in middletown. They have a meat sauce pizza (traditional) that blows you away. Very cool outdoor seating and makes you feel like you aren't sitting among apartment houses. I think I heard that they just closed though, so that stinks. I would agree that you might as well hit New Haven. You have Pepe's (1925) and the sister restaurant Sally's (1938). I mean you're talking years of mastering pizza. Still family owned and operated. Modern is great as well. Check out this link. Guy ranks a lot of pizza places in the area with great descriptions..How much does this guy weight?


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              I'm relocating to CT with wife and two kids under the age of 4. I was driving around the state looking for a good place to live and came upon Middletown. It looked like a great place to live. What say you?