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Restaurant with a view (SEA)

I am going to Seattle with my husband on his 45th birthday next month. I want to take him out for dinner and he requested we go to a restaurant with a view. We won't have a car so we will be taking buses or taxis around town and we are staying in Belltown. He doesn't have specific food preferences and we don't need to go a fancy restaurant. All we need is a restaurant that services good food and also has a great view of the city etc.

THANKS in advance

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  1. What does he want a view of? There are no restaurants that I can think of that have a great view of the city skyline except for the Space Needle. There is Salty's on West Seattle as well. For views of the the sound, Ray's Boathouse or Cafe in Ballard or Anthony's. For a view of commercial docks on the ship canal, Cutters.


    1. Maximilien in the Market might fit the bill - good French food, great view of the sound (make a reservation and request an upstairs window table), and not too far from Belltown. http://www.maximilienrestaurant.com/

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        another place with water views would be Waterfront Grill http://www.waterfrontpier70.com/water... (request window seats in advance), if you're looking for swanky/live piano kind of place instead of the bistro ambiance at Maximiliens.

      2. Palisade Restaurant, on Marina Drive in the Interbay area (between Queen Anne and Magnolia) sits on a large marina and has views out onto Elliott Bay. It's pretty large, so in reserving you may want to specify a view table. A nice spot, a short and easy cab ride from Belltown. Seafood.

        1. Matt's in the Market would be a fun place.

          For a more typical view restaurant, there's Waterfront - near the Sculpture Garden.

          1. waterfront is an overpriced dud and the space needle is worse. i would say either matt's in the market, chez shea-also at pike place market-or 6/7 in the edgewater hotel. chez shea is an excellent spot for a special occasion.

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              Foodwise I would pick Chez Shea over Matt's for dinner (go to Matt's or better yet Maximiliens for lunch). Waterfront is more conventional foodwise but has a better view than any place in the Market.

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                i tried 6/7 and between it and Waterfront Grill, I think i would recommend Waterfront for food and atmosphere. I agree that you do pay for the views at both places.

              2. If I take your criteria literally -- great view, good food, not too fancy -- the perfect fit is SkyCity, the restaurant at the Space Needle. I almost always choose food over atmosphere, but I love my occasional meal there (usually family brunch). However, it's good food, not great, and the prices are nearly double what you'd pay for comparable food at sea level. If you can deal with the prices (see their website), you'll enjoy it. And it's probably walking distance from where you're staying.

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                  Yikes. I used to work that place. Please. They try, but the food just isn't real. Spend your good money to have a truly fine meal, since after all, this is about the food as well as the atmosphere. For a larger, fine place my vote goes to Palisade. For more intimate, Chez Shea.

                2. I haven't been in a few years but Place Pigalle is in the market has a view. Has anyone been recently??

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                    Yup, went a couple of weeks ago and it was fab. A friend here from out of town swooned over the view. The wine list was good, food was fab and the place is killer romantic. Very friendly bartender, too.

                  2. Can't disagree with the Palisade recommendation -- it's an absurdly gorgeous view -- but to me it always seems like prom night there. If the weather's nice, you might consider the deck at the Pink Door, up the hill from Pike Place Market. Be sure to have the tapenada to start (if you like olives).

                    Then again, Ray's is a Seattle institution...and if, again, you happen upon good weather, you can sit upstairs in Ray's Cafe, outside. They'll bring you a lap blanket if you get cold. I hope your husband has a wonderful birthday! Be sure to report back about where/what you chose...