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Aug 18, 2007 03:55 PM

Freiburg, Germany in October?

I am a laid-back vegetarian looking for great food in Freiburg. Will be there for five days. Obviously, if I can attempt to avoid meat, that would be great. (When I say "laid-back," I mean I eat dairy, eggs, seafood, and have been known on rare occasions to cook with chicken stock. However, I really do not eat beef/poultry/pork etc.) Thanks in advance! Very much looking forward to the trip.

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    1. i too, am a laid back vegetarian who has visited Freiburg in October! Unfortunatley it was many years ago... What a beautiful place though, I ve wanted to go back since. October is a good weather for hiking, etc.
      Having lived in northern Germany, I will tell you that while its not as bad as some may say- only brats for miles- it is no doubt a meat centered cuisine. Your best bet will be to sample the Kohl- red cabbage dishes were always delicous and a staple at any traditional restaurant. Most of the restaurants in Schwartzwald will be old school and traditional.
      On a side note, if you happen to see one of the ubiquitous Turkish Pizza stands, do not pass it by! These days Turkish culture is a big part of German culture. They are basically pitas with a salad, tsatsiki ( turkish version forget name) sauce, and some sort of brown stuff in them....eggplant? breading? though they always assured me there was no meat i cant say i was convinced... (you may get a lot of this "there is not meat in this dish. Just a little bacon.") Didnt stop me from having them though, my friend and I had them many years ago and still talk about them. mmmm... turkish pizzas...
      Enjoy, have fun!

      1. While unfortunately I can't help much with Freiburg in particular, I'll at least remind you that October in Germany is kürbis (pumpkin) season, and many fine restaurants have special kürbis menus, usually featuring a range of dishes made from the smaller Hokkaido pumpkin. Last October while on a business trip, I had 4-5 course kürbis menus in Würzburg and Ludwigsburg (Stuttgart area) that were both outstanding, so I imagine there should be something comparable on offer in Freiburg if you look/ask around.

        1. It's been a long time since I was there, but in the three weeks I was in town I probably had two out of three meals at a place called Brennessel. Your basic student kneipe. Pretty decent food. Extremely cheap. Big vegetarian section. Looks like they're online:

          In fact, the crepes with creamed leek filling remain one of my most delicious memories of Germany. I think they're still on the menu as Pfannkuchen mit Lauchfüllung und Salat for 2,60 euro!

          1. Freiburg, being in the South of Germany, should also have plenty of spätzle dishes, in particular käsespätzle. it is a massively filling dish, as it consists of pasta (or dumplings, if you will), caramelized onions, and melted cheese. I only order it to share. You can usually also get it with mushroom sauce. Frankly, Germany has caught up with its vegetarian offers, it certainly isn't just brat, pork, and sausage anymore.