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GREAT East Bay Hamburger?

hello hounds!

I am looking for a hamburger as large, juicy, & succulent as the one at Luka's. Yes, I know that Barney's exists but I would rather not go there unless I have to.

Any hamburgers I can put on my East Bay radar. Please refrain from telling me about San Francisco-- I do not want to drive there for a hamburger, thanks!!

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  1. Val's in Castro Valley is good..old-fashioned thick shakes too.....

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      Val's has been my favorite since I was a kid. Great burgers and shakes.

    2. Cafe Rouge in Berkeley.
      Also, check out Bunrab's Burger Holy Grail: http://bunrab.com/yummychow/BurgerGra...

      Cafe Rouge
      1782 Fourth St, Berkeley, CA 94710

      1. I found a place in downtown San Leandro, Rocky's Charcoal Grill, not the best but a very good burger if you're in the area.

        Here's the report from it: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/416730

        1. Eccolo. They use the same beef as Rouge, but the kitchen is more consistent (I've had to send a burger back at Rouge several times for being served cold or overcooked). The bun is perfect - soft and yielding but firm enough to not get juice logged. I love Marco's version with excellent guac (so hard to find, the key is using pristine avos and mashing it to order) and melted cheddar. It's a pricey burger, but I've never had a better one. The fries are great as well. The burger is always on the lunch/brunch menu and is sometimes on the dinner menu.

          Honorable mention goes to Gregoire's blue cheese and walnut burger, which is only available a few months out of the year.

          1. Val's in Hayward. Everyone I've taken there has been wowed. That having been said, I've been there maybe 8 times, and 6 were outstanding and two were just very good. So I guess they do have off nights...

            1. Season To Taste at the Alameda Marketplace on Park Street and Buena Vista
              prepares a very juicy, succulent specimen that's comprised of prime beef from the
              neighboring butcher and freshly-baked ciabatta from the bakery next door. Nicely
              grilled medium-rare and topped sparingly with a pungent, bleu cheese aioli, well-carmelized onions, crisp romaine and a slice of sweet heirloom tomato, it's about a five-napkin burger-juices flowing down your arms and splattering all over your shirt, that sort of great stuff .

              Season To Taste also includes some crispy,crunchy.savory homemade chips with it.

              Worth a trip to Alameda.

              1. For a basic, good old American greasy cheesy, the Red Onion on San Pablo in El Cerrito (across from Home Depot) hits the spot.

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                  We love the Red Onion! Best onion rings around.

                2. Georges Giant Burger on Newall in Walnut Creek

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                    I'll second that. Basic and delicious.

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                      Good to see east-of-Caldecott posts. I like Georges, and I remember a shack out near the Sun Valley Mall that is good for burgers and diner food. I think it's called Giant Chef Burger or something. Anyone been?

                      George's Giant Hamburger
                      1491 Newell Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

                    2. I think the burgers at T-Rex are delicious.

                      1. Any particular reason you would rather not go to Barney's? I've always enjoyed the Burgers there.

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                          When I was in my 20s, it was a great burger. When I was in my 30s, it was on a seemingly perpetual slide. Now I'm in my 40s. I go when someone else wants to go to Barneys, or if it is extremely convenient (like I'm in that block) and I'm starved for a burger.

                          I really like the burgers at Meal Ticket. I once liked the burger at the Smokehouse when I was quite inebriated.

                        2. I have enjoyed the burgers at Norm's in Danville from time to time.