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Aug 18, 2007 01:57 PM

Vernors' Ginger Ale

This is still being made in the USA -- a recent post her on root beer reminded me of it..Is Verners Ginger Ale available anywhere in Toronto area???

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  1. Just bought a case a couple of weeks ago.
    Either Loblaws or Dominion.
    Can't remember which.

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    1. re: erly

      It's available at Loblaws, Sobey's and some Shopper's..

      1. re: pearlD

        too sweet for me, even as a kid

        1. re: jayt90

          Got it @ Loblaws... still have 3/4 case of it sitting in the garage.. the Ginger ale is some nasty tasting stuff.

          1. re: Royaljelly

            I love it! It has 'longtime memory' for parents used to bring cases of it home from Detroit (where it originated, I believe) this was in the 50's & 60's! If you want to taste disgusting ginger ale try D&G brand from Jamaica! Trust me...REALLY NASTY!!

            1. re: pearlD

              I guess I'm too used to my Canada Dry. :)

            2. re: Royaljelly

              I used to live in Windsor, across the street from the swanky Essex golf club. Their signature drink at the half-way house was a "Brown Cow" - you take a half-glass of chocolate milk, and then slowly fill the rest with Vernor's. I say "slowly" and I mean it! If you pour too quickly, it fizzes up like crazy and overflows the glass.

              However, on a hot day after nine holes, it really hits the spot. It's not too fizzy, like a glass of pop would be, and it's not too sweet, as the tartness of the Vernor's cuts through the chocolate milk. Try it, you'll like it!

      2. There's a great pop store in Whitby that has Vernors in glass bottles. (The shop is on Burns Street - sorry that I can't remember the name of it, but someone here posted about it in one of the root beer threads...)

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        1. re: gogol

          Here is a link to the rootbeer thread.

          And here is a link to the Shop in Whitby that sells all sorts of Vernors and many specialty soda pops from Canada and the US.

          I find that not every store carries Vernors, but if you check around you will find many that do.

        2. I drink Vernors as well (though I prefer the diet brand as it's not quite so sweet). They sell both the original and the diet brand at the Loblaws on Musgrave - Victoria Park and Gerrard. It, too, reminds me of my childhood when my aunt and uncle from Detroit would come visit and we'd get to have some. The rest of my family cringes when I open a can!

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          1. re: torontogal

            I've rather liked the Master Choice (Dominion) house brand diet ginger ale... it seems less sweet to me than most others, although I don't live near any Dominion stores so I don't get it very often. Are there any more widely available brands that are more sharp than sweet? Diet Canada Dry is pretty decent...

            1. re: betsy

              Vernor's hasn't nearly the gingery zing I recall it had years ago. I suspect the taste has been tamed to appeal to a wider clientele. Though it still has more ginger taste to it than all the alternatives available around Toronto. If you want true ginger zing, you'll have to stumble upon it at the occasional small local bottling plants around the U.S. that specialize in ginger ale exclusively.

              1. re: juno

                I'm glad you mention it... I had a Vernor's a while back and it didn't taste the same to me at all. Sweeter and less sharp. I thought it was just me.

                1. re: juno

                  Liquid in a bottle with a Vernor's label is widely available in Toronto, but it doesn't resemble the Vernor's of old.

                  If you are looking for "gingery zing", check out Old Tyme ginger beer. Or get some Aunt May's ginger syrup (Tropical Treets sells it) and mix with club soda.

                  1. re: juno

                    the best American small bottling plant for Ginger Ale has got to be Sprecher in Milwaukee.... they do a bunch of different sodas, and I think 21 different beers. well because they are a brewery

                  2. re: betsy

                    Betsy, have you tried Schweppes? I am a Vernor's fan but when I am away for the winter in Jamaica(where they don't have Vernor's) I drink Canada Dry finding the Schweppes too 'sharp' for me. If you are around any West Indian could try some of the gingerale you find in those stores (beware of D & G brand...totally medicinal tasting , but that being said, it's a matter of to each his own.

                    1. re: pearlD

                      I haven't tried Schweppes in a long time, but I will check it out -- thanks.

                2. I see it in Fortino's supermarkets only

                  I prefer the DIET Vernors