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Aug 18, 2007 11:47 AM

Microbrews in New York (split from BBQ Beer thread)

slightly off topic here, but I wonder if any of your New York micro beer fans can talk about your favorite pubs in the area where you can sample a wide selection of microbrews, something comparable to the Toronado here in SF in the Haight

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  1. chcuckl, I don' t know Toronado but in Park Slope, Bklyn (the Berkeley of NY) people like The Gate (they have a rotating selection) and 4th Ave Pub

    Six Point is a local brewery getting broader distribution (in Brooklyn, that is) with some excellent brews-- they make Bengali Tiger, Brownstoner and some others. Brew tours on Saturdays at their place in Red Hook, I haven't gone yet but I hear it's fun.

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      I took the tour on my last visit to NYC and found it to be quite interesting. It didn't start on time, but that gave me more time to linger over my pre-tour beer at the bar next door. One of the best parts of the tour was getting to meet the two friendly dogs that help make the beer.

    2. NY Beer Bars that are excellent,

      Blind Tiger Ale house in the Village, the best beer bar in the city in my opinion.

      Spuyten Duyvil in Williamsburg, a must for Belgian Beer Lovers

      DBA in the East villager, another excellent selection of taps and bottles.

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        I second Blind Tiger! It's on Bleecker between 6th and 7th aves.
        Also for great selection of micros and imports, try Peculiar Pub (farther east on Bleecker). Atmosphere is a little dingy, but the selection can't be beat.

      2. Having been to the Toronado many times since at least 91, there is no exact equivalent to it in NY. At least not for the walking decor that stumbles in off the street. dba is has a great bottle list (and whiskey too), though as of late their draft selection has been so-so.
        Spuyten Duvil is worth a detour (opens @ 5pm), great Belgo selections, and lots of specialty stuff not seen in many other places ( local cask stuff), Jolly Pumpkin + Arcadia from Mi, even on rare occassion a Bells' product or two!

        Mugg's also in Williamsburg is bad at all either. The one thing, contrary to popular opion, the bar tenders @ these places are warmer then @ the T in SF.

        1. just want to add; between 3 of us, we sampled over a dozen beers from Park Slope's "The Gate" and were completely impressed and refreshed by our selection. two dozen beers on tap which rotate occasionally (updates can be found at and we sampled: Belhaven, the Blue Point double IPA, the defiant muddy creek (a sour lager that was delicious), the dogfish head IBA, La Rulles Summer, Lagunitas Imperial Red (delicious), Legacy Hoptimus Primus (so fragrant), Old Speckled Hen, Sly Fox Dubbel, Southhampton Double White, Stoudt's Fest, the Stone Arrogant Bastard, and the Victory Abbey. O it was a beer-addled afternoon well-spent, and such nice knowledge bartenders (the early shift, that is) who offer tastes of each draft. definitely will return there.