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Aug 18, 2007 12:42 PM

Layover at Newark Liberty

Hi from Brussels, Belgium. Will be travelling through Newark Liberty next week (arriving from Houston and continuing to Brussels). I have about 5.30 hours. Does that leave time to have lunch outside of the airport given security lines? Where would you suggest sending a foodie from Europe?

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  1. Bonjour! You might get more responses if you post your question on the "tristate" board, since Newark Airport is in New Jersey. If the security lines aren't long (I have no idea how security is at Newark), the trip on the train to midtown Manhattan is only about 30 minutes. If security is easy, you might be able to get into Manhattan for a (very) quick meal and back to the airport -- but ONLY if security moves quickly. You may get a better idea of this kind of thing from the folks in New Jersey on the tristate board. Good luck and happy travels.

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    1. I think that could be cutting it a bit close.

      1. If I had 5 or six hours to kill in Newark, I would probably just sit tight. Not much fun, but the risk of getting caught in traffic and and missing your connection is probably not worth the exciting prospect of a katz deli sandwich...

        1. 5 and a half hours is more than enough time to eat locally in Newark. I'd suggest Seabra's Marisqueria and Casa Vasca as two really good options. You could also do the Rodizio/Churrascaria thing at Brasilia Grill or Mediterranean Manor, but that might be too heavy a meal before a flight. In any case, the Ironbound section of newark is only 10-15 minutes away from the airport and you can get a cab in both directions pretty easily. All the restaurants above are covered on my blog if you want to check them out.

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            5 1/2 hours means you really only have 4 because you have to be back 90 minutes before your flight. Definitely not enough time! I would follow georgeb's advice and just sit tight. Traffic can tie up at any moment, roads are always packed around the airport and lots of "roadworks" always going on. You could definitely get stuck and miss your flight!

            If you ever have an 8+ hour layover, head into NYC on a train and you will have a myriad of choices. A European foodie staying in New Jersey would probably be disappointed anyway.

          2. The monorail now goes right from the airport to Newark Penn station, you could easily get there and back if you have 5 hours. The station is one side of the "Ironbound" area. Search for posts on Ironbound/newark and you will find plenty of posts

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              slight correction, the monorail goes to the airport train station where you have to change to get to newark penn, still should be able to get there in 30 minutes, heres a link

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                If you are going to get to the airtrain station, why go to Newark? Just a 17 minute ride to Midtown Manhattan from there! Manhattan is a foodie's paradise. But still, I don't think you have enough time to really enjoy either, your digestion will be off because you would be watching the clock!