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2007 Pellegrino Dine Out -- Is it Just Me?

or are other hounds underwhelmed by this year's choices and menus as well, especially in OC but LA too?


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  1. I was underwhelmed as well but the places that I might have tried were lunch only, which I couldn't do, so I didn't go out of my way to participate this year. It seemed like all of the Italian places had the same menu.


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      I cound not agree more. I did book Chinois on Main for lunch this Thursday and the only other option that looked good was the dinner at Ocean Seafood.

    2. exactly. yawn. plus, I've noticed in the past that most restaurants are definitely less than enthusiastic about the program. some places you have to ask several times for the Dine Out menu (because servers don't know what you're talking about). I've heard that in other cities the vibe is totally different.

      1. chicken breast and salmon... no thank you.

          1. I agree. But this isn't just a 2007 thing. Last year's choices and menus were very uninteresting.

            1. Thanks for barking back, we'll invest the $25 or $35 pp toward something we REALLY like instead.

              1. My issue is that they donate a whopping $1 per meal to "share our strength." Of the menus posted, I say the Grill on the Alley's is the best deal.

                1. This program has never been good in LA. SF, NYC and other cities' restaurant weeks are fantastic. The LA Pellegrino Dine Out program has lukewarm participation, and horrible menus. There were even a couple places over the last 3 years that offered dinner menus that actually had market values of LESS than the $35 dinner if you ordered the salad and chicken breast, etc. just ridiculous.

                  there are always a couple of good lunch deals - had a great meal at Michael's 3 years ago, and a pretty good one at Xiomara last year... but that's about it.

                  1. Definitely underwhelmed. My picks on the list are Lucques and Michaels, both doing only the lunch. For a number of the others, I know I could order a dinner off their regular menus, and more to my liking, for the $35.

                    1. i agree, for the most part, the menu's are lackluster. however, my picks this year are vincenti and vito's.

                      1. Like you and every other poster, I truly feel betrayed with the list this year, as well as last year, btw!
                        Maybe if EVERYONE did NOT attend, maybe the organizers would either cancel or reformulate the thing to make it work. As it is now, there is no justification whatsoever to go anywhere for any reason at $1 per!
                        Two years ago, I did the Lucques dinner, and even back then, felt ripped off, and that value was light years better than anything currently on offer.
                        Stick a fork in this promo!

                        1. going to engine co 28 downtown this sunday for dinner. had a wonderful dinner year ago back in 2006 dine out week. will report back after.

                          1. I agree. We tried Grill on the Alley the other night since we'd never eaten there before. It was truly one of the worst meals I've ever had.