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Aug 18, 2007 11:52 AM

Best Dessert Place in Montreal?

I wound up SOL two weeks ago after a Just For laughs show. Le Ptite Ardoise where i ws headed for dessert was closed for the evening. Love their lemon pie. So a group of us went blank and ended up at that place on the corner of St. Laurent and Fairmount...which was so bad, I've atually forgotten its name. Soooo...ideas anyone? I live in Outremont and like to hang out between the Plateau and Outremont.

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  1. There aren't really that many restaurants that specialize in serving desserts. There's Rockaberry, Calories, and Kilo, which are all pretty mediocre, as far as I'm concerned.

    You can go to a regular restaurant and order dessert. I'm not sure whether all restaurants will accomodate this, but I've been to L'Express, for example, where they seated us at a table and were happy to serve us just dessert. I'm sure most restaurants, if busy, would rather reserve their table for patrons having full meals, so you can expect to be offered seats at the bar.

    1. I admit it, I am a dessert-oholic. And you know what, unless it is hidden somewhere that I don't know of, there are no really good dessert places around. The quality has declined immensely at calories and at Kilo and Rockaberry, well, I never liked.

      As mainsqueeze said, you're better off going to a restaurant and finding out if they will seat you just for dessert and coffee -

      Good luck, and keep us posted if you find anything.

      1. Saint Laurent and Fairmount would be Kilo. Blech! They've gone seriously downhill.

        If I were you, I'd head to Cocoa Locale and pick up a cupcake to eat out of hand (though they close at 6), or possibly Plus que Parfait for an ice cream treat (their ginger ice cream is to die for). Good dessert locations are few and far between in this neighbourhood!

        Though, I do like Lemeac's chocolate mousse. But that might be because I've had a fair quantity of wine every time I've had it.

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          I you're going to go to Plus Que Parfait, make it quick! I was intrigued by your post and looked up the address only to find that it's for sale on kijiji...

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            I think it's been sold to a new owner. I dropped by that establishment the other day. The place is still using the Plus Que Parfait name, & it's been sold to the owner of Le Peche Glace ice cream shop.(Le Peche Glace shop at 2001 Mont-Royal E.). I suspect in near future, the name of shop will become Le Peche Glace(they're already using their own ice cream). Does anyone have an opinion on the ice creams of Le Peche Glace?

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              It's my local neighborhood ice cream place, and in that context it is excellent. I especially like the ginger and the green tea ice creams, and all of their other flavours that I have had have also been nice. My real estate agent, who might not exactly be a foodie, but does enjoy a good meal, does drive all over town and eats on the fly a lot, highly recommends their savoury crêpes....although what she might really like is the dessert options afterwards.

              Having never been to Plus que Parfait, I can't really compare. I like le Peché Glacé a lot, but it is not the pinnacle of elegance, nor a frou frou place to get expensive, recherché desserts. In fact, that is probably what I like most about it, you get to see all the neighborhood people, kids and dogs stop by on the way home. And there is a bench outside for further people watching.

        2. New Juliette et chocolat on Laurier near Parc
          De Gascogne on Laurier near Parc
          Au Pain Dore for takeout stuff on Laurier near Parc(well,closer to Cote steCatherine)
          A bunch of places on Laurier east where you can pick up stuff like FouDessert and Maison Cacao and Les Saveurs du Plateau
          Croissanterie Le Figaro on Hutchison at Fairmount for okay desserts in a quaint
          Bilboquet on Bernard

          1. Both Rumi has some fine desserts, especially the Afghan pudding and the lime tart, both of which come from Cocoa Locale. Across the street, Figaro might also be worth checking out. All the brownies and some of the other desserts at Juliette & Chocolat are excellent, though service can be wretched in the evenings. And while I've not dropped by there for dessert, I'd wager Le F on Bernard would be worth a visit.