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Aug 18, 2007 11:24 AM

Yukee Noodle House

Anyone on this board been to Yukee(油記) Noodle House? It's at the corner of Middlefield and Steeles, in the plaza where the T&T is. I've been going there for the last few months for HK style "bamboo start" noodles(竹星麵). Their noodles are not as good as the ones in HK, but we are not in HK. Another thing that I really like is their pork liver. It's not the dried out over cook liver that you usually get in noodles houses in Toronto, but cooked justed right with a good bounce to the bite.

I do find that their quality are not always consistent if you go on weeknights when it quiet, but on weekends, it's usually quite good.

Anyone else know of good places for HK style noodles? So far, Yukee is the only place that seems to be close to the stuff you get in HK that I've been able to fine. Let me know if you know of others!


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  1. ive been to yukee!! i liked it too! i looooooved their noodle texture because, like you said, they're very HK-styled! and i find that they dont go soggy that fast.. i guess because of how they make the noodles. i also agree that they're not consistent. in fact, their soup is sometimes very very very bland and plain that you hve to put soy sauce in it! but if you ask them to put beef brisket sauce, it becomes all sticky, and mucky, and thick. cant really find a happy medium.

    yes, and the liver is YUMMY. wait, was it liver or kidney? i think it was kidney. my mom ordered it, and let me have some and it was absolutely yummy - it's like hot pot, how you cook it JUST right and then eat it right away, but after dipping it in soy + chilli oil. mm..

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    1. re: jennjen18

      I think it's liver, don't think they have kidney there.

      I wish their soup was better too, then I won't miss noodles in HK so much. :D

      1. re: wciu

        yes ur right, its liver!! i just went there tonight after reading your post -- i was craving the bamboo beaten noodles!! i was surprised that people of other cultures know of this place too .. very impressed.

        and the weekend quality does increase. i had beef tendon noodles and it was much better than when i had it before. when it wasnt weekeend, i remember the tendons werent that soft and melt-in-your-mouth-y. mmm.. i even finished the soup!!

    2. I have been to V2 Noodle & Snack in First Markham Place several times recently. I found that the noodle there (won ton style) is very good. Probably the best I have so far in Toronto. The dumpling (shui Kao)with shrimp, black fungas & bamboo shoots is hugh & in perfect balance. The fact that they use the jumbo size shrimp for the dumpling really impress me. The beef brisket is very good too, not with too much fat but tender. Deep fried fish skin is very popular there & got sold out later in the day.
      I have yet to try Yukee to compare.

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      1. re: ace123

        hey, why dont you try yaukee, and then i try the places you mentioned. :) then we can compare!

          1. re: jennjen18

            I did try Yaukee. I'll go again & try more items before I come to a conclusion.
            Whe you go to V2, don't forget to try the chili oil. It's better than Yaukee's.

            1. re: ace123

              So its called V2? in First Markham? Whats it close to? Will i be able to pick it out right away?

              1. re: jennjen18

                If you are facing Ding Tai Fung, V2 is on your left side, next to Luk Yu Heen (dim dum place). You won't miss it. Enjoy.

                1. re: ace123

                  I went to YauKee twice & tried enough items to compare it with V2.
                  Here's my comment:
                  Items I prefer at V2 - noodle, vermicelli, wonton, shui Kao, beef brisket, broth & chili oil.
                  Item I prefer at Yaukee - fish ball.
                  Some items that are not available at both places or I didn't try at both places:
                  Yaukee - I agree that liver is very good. Beef is ok. Pork meat ball is not good & I could not finish it.
                  V2 -Beef tendon & deep fried fish skin are very good.
                  Although I prefer wonton at V2 to Yaukee, I still find the wonton not good enough.
                  I think the shui Kao & noodle at V2 are among the best in Toronto.
                  So, have you been to V2? I hope you enjoy the food there.

                  1. re: ace123

                    Went to V2 tonight, tried the wonton, shui kao, tendon, pork soft bone and fish skin.

                    I agree that tendon is much better the Yaukee's, shiu kao is also very good. I didn't really care for the wonton. It's weird, in Toronto, not many places put shrimp eggs and fatty pork in wonton, and I really like those in my wonton. :p Pork soft bone is ok.

                    Fish skin is the bestI've tried in TO. Chiu Chow Boy is probably the next best, in terms of the skin, but the broth at V2 is much better.

                    The broth at V2 tasted more HK than Yaukee.

                    In terms of the noodles, I am kind of torn between the two. V2 is a bit thicker, more al dente, but has a strong kan shui(ammonia) taste to it. Of all the times I've visited Yaukee, I never had a bowl of noodles with kan shui taste. So I can't call a clear winner, but I am happy with both.

                    So my conclusion is, if you go to Yaukee, order pork liver noodles and deep fried fish balls.

                    If you go to V2, get the tendon and shui kao with noodles, and the fish skin. And put vinegar in your noodles. :)

                    1. re: ace123

                      haha... that's a very extensive experiment, i commend you for that, ace123!!! same for wciu! :)

                      i'll be going to v2 probably this weekend. :) will let you know how that goes.

                      1. re: jennjen18

                        well, im back from V2! :) ... i should have asked you guys how much it is .. but judging from our conversation, i thought we were comparing apples to apples, but everything at V2 seemed to be $0.50 higher.

                        so mother and i had the shui jiao noodles and beef tendon noodles. when i saw the size of the bowls that they were using, i knew taht there wasnt a lot in the bowls - and i was right. i am so not full right now .. i think i could have had 2 bowls of noodles.

                        the noodles were nice - but i still prefer yaukee. at first when they came, they really did have a certain HK feel to them - perhaps their thin/angel hair style .. and the fact that they were submerged into noodles, and yet they were still al dente.

                        soup-wise - it was nice. i definitely could taste the gan shui in the soup tho ... but then again, yaukee's soup isnt so great either - theres not enough flavour in it, unless you ask to have beef brisket sauce in it.

                        chili oil - it was nice, but .. still, i didnt find it that exciting though! ... its chili oil ... just like other chili oils.

                        the tendons and shui jiao - all very nice ... of which i find still to be on par with yaukee.

                        so overall - i think i still prefer yaukee. for $4.50 a bowl, i just didnt think it was worth it .. it's a snack, really. and at that price, i'd expect a drink to come along with it ... sorry guys, yaukee wins for me!!

          2. You guys have to try the fried fish balls they serve for $5 (I think).. they were sooooo yummy and crispy! If you think they're a tad too oily, do what i did - stamp the oil off with a napkin. They're just so crispy and so flavourful! Mom and I both ordered a plain noodle ($2/each) and shared the plate of deep fried fishy balls... mmmm... oh they come in servings of 6.