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Fresh Seafood in Virginia Beach

whowantscandy Aug 18, 2007 11:03 AM

Does anyone know where I can shop for fresh quality seafood in Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas? No mention of Krogers, Farm Fresh, or Food Lion, please. I've tried looking at their selections and wasn't impressed.

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  1. j
    Jibe RE: whowantscandy Aug 20, 2007 09:49 AM

    At the foot of the Lesner Bridge, where Shore Drive goes over Lynnhaven inlet, there is a restaurant/seafood market called Dockside, I believe. Its on the landward side of Shore Drive, on the east side of the bridge. Right on the water.

    1. r
      rossinyc RE: whowantscandy Aug 21, 2007 11:41 AM

      Go to D&M Seafood, Independence Blvd near Pleasure House Road. The have a very large selection. I have always gotten great crabmeat there.

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      1. re: rossinyc
        opie RE: rossinyc Nov 19, 2007 05:31 AM

        D&M used to be one of my favorites. They have lost the freshness factor. Fish look dry and old. I still use them for crabs but buy my fish and oysters elsewhere,

      2. 2
        23451bum RE: whowantscandy Aug 28, 2007 12:15 PM

        If you are closer to the oceanfront, there is a fantastic new seafood market in the shopping center at 36th and Pacific. Fresh, fresh, fresh! Sorry, I can't remember the name - same center as Pelon's Tacos. Also, good selections at the VB Seafood Market on Mediterranean, between 17th and 18th.

        1. JayVaBeach RE: whowantscandy Oct 6, 2007 07:54 AM

          Welton's Fresh Seafood Market @ none other than The Northend!
          (757) 428-6740 - 3621 Pacific Ave Virginia Beach, VA

          D&M is fine too; however,Welton's is newer & the location is more convenient for Northenders.

          1. a
            alsky RE: whowantscandy Nov 26, 2007 02:38 PM

            Haven't been but hear that George's SEafood in Norfolk on Chesapeake Blvd is good. Friends go there and I have had their seafood, have been meaning to go myself.

            1. basicfoodgroupie RE: whowantscandy Dec 26, 2007 04:10 PM

              Welton's is awesome - very fresh and operated by folks who know their stuff.

              1. i
                insightguy RE: whowantscandy Jun 12, 2008 04:40 PM

                I just (now) finished off some huge, fresh scallops that cut like butter and taste like cream. They were from Welton's. 3 days ago I decided to try some really colorful tuna from Food Lion that had just been defrosted ... I guess they freeze it on the boat. Five bucks less per pound but don't be tempted. Pay the extra money and go to Welton's ... the tuna is off the boat that morning. One drawback, if two people are ahead of you, expect to wait.

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