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Aug 18, 2007 09:20 AM


Please Help with Kielbasa ??

I'm living in Orange County California and they dont have Quality Kielbasa here.
My family is in Montreal and I want my Brother Larry to send me a few Rings of the Best.
Does anyone have suggestions on the best Kielbasa from Montreal?

Thank You , BRIANTHEFOODUDE from California

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  1. I don't think you can send meat across the US/Canada border, can you? I'm sure there are many mail-order places in the States that can hook you up to some quality kielbasa, might try posting on another board for that, not sure which would be most appropriate though - good luck!

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    1. re: kpzoo

      You are correct... Cant send meat across the border. Butt, Let's say if you could <wink> <wink> ... Where is the best Kielbasa in Montreal ?


        There is a place called Felix Mish that makes his own- and smokes it in his store. It is fantastic. There is also a place in NDG Charcuterie Chopin which sells a decent kielbasa - but this is typical polish kielbasa - not the Oscar Meyer stuff they sell in the states.

        Being polish - those are the two I would recommend. You can buy at Bucharest deli on Decarie but it's nowhere near as good.

        1. re: BRIANTHEFOODUDE

          There is a Polish deli on Centre street just across the lachine canal. Cross over one of the little bridges near Peel and ask anyone on Centre where the polish deli is. Great keilbasa and Polish goodies. Probably the best sandwiches in Montreal, if you like real home-cooked comfort food.

          1. re: SpellMan

            Dear SpelMan,
            Is the place you are speaking about called, WAYNES?
            If so, I have had that and I AGREE and think it is the best. Felix Mish sounds great too , I might send my family to do a taste test... Oh No , Not another family fight ! Rember any Food Fight, is a fight worth Winning , Thanks, Brian the Food Dude :)

      2. Don't know if it is the best, but there is a small Polish deli on Querbes just north of Jean-Talon (in Parc-Extension, near the big Loblaws).

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        1. re: lagatta

          Definitely not as good as Mish - trust me on this one.

          1. re: maisonbistro

            Sorry I don't know this, but why would Keibasa be exceeptional from Montreal? Although they may still have real butchers there and the animals are raised on better feed, etc.
            I grew up in Southeast Michigan and remember home made keilbasa being made on my Grandfather's farm, and also my Parents mading e runs to Detroit for Kowalski sausage and other meats after the fatm supply was over. But that was more then a couple of generations ago. Things have changed since then, everywhere. Those days, there were no additives or preservatives added other then garlic !

            Does anyone know the difference between Montreal and Detroit keilbasa at this time? Preparation, taste or ?

            I will be visiting Montreal in Sept and am wondering, if it would be worth searching some out. But there are so many other great foods like that BBQ Chicken chain, that gets me almost every day.


            1. re: nutrition

              I have no idea why the kielbasa would be better - you would have to ask Brianthefoodude why he wants Montreal kielbasa.

              1. re: maisonbistro

                Hello, I grew up in montreal with a polish Pop. Food was and is our life... The best kielbasa that I ever had, ( even better than the Kielbasa that I had in Poland ) was on center street in Montreal. its a little Mom and Pop shop. He smokes it in the back himself. its packed Tight with a lot of Garlic, big chuncks of quality ham and a great smoke taste. This Kielbasa was by far the Best out of at least 80 different Kielbasa' s that I have ever tried. I will try Felix and Mish and advise... Brian the Food Dude :)

                1. re: BRIANTHEFOODUDE

                  The food in Poland could not compare, since it was a rather poor country under the domination of Dictators. Much of the production was siphoned off. I marveled at how little the citizens lived on. The stores were empty and we were warned NOT to buy the sausage meats by other shoppers, who recognized we were visiting and standing in line to buy something.
                  When we wanted a good meal, we stopped in the Dining Room of the major hotel, where most of the Diplomates, etc ate. It was good, but more expensive and had few locals dining there.

                  I assume things have gotten better, and I heard that Poland is now expensive, as well! Must be that Euro and Eu membership!

                  When were you there?

                  1. re: nutrition

                    Hi, I was in Poland in 1998 and did not find it poor nor the food lacking. I had great bigos (my favorite polish comfort food), not so good packi and really rude service (a polish trademark - and I say that as a Pole).

                    I also grew up in Montreal, with 2 polish parents and Mish 's kielbasa is one of the better ones. It's too bad you're not going to here for one of the polish bazaars (Kiermasz) - to sample about 5 different producers wares.

                    Good luck, and please, let us know what you think.

                    1. re: maisonbistro

                      1998 was long after Communist control, so I would expect major improvements in food quality and availability! I also expect the Euro has made Poland much more expensive.

                      Will there any Polish festivals weekend Sept 6 - 10?

                      I am ready for a plate full of pierogies and a piece of that french Polish sausage. I know the food tastes better in Quebec compared to what we get in the US.

                      1. re: nutrition

                        Unfortunately the two bazaars I was referring to happen in early November and in the Spring.

                        For a nice plate of food, you can always try Stash's in old Montreal, the best polish sit down restaurant in Montreal IMO

                        1. re: maisonbistro

                          Now that might be just the place to stop to satisfy those old hundry memories..

                  2. re: BRIANTHEFOODUDE

                    I think it is is Charcuterie Wayne - The original Polish Deli - 514.939.5530 and still open. It is still open I think and quite busy at noon too.

                    1. re: BRIANTHEFOODUDE

                      Centre. Even in English. "Center" is American English.

            2. Brian,
              It was suggested, that I ask you why Montreal Kielbasa is so good and/or better then Kowalski in Detroit. which may not be the very best in the U.S., but the one I am familiar with and highly regarded in Michigan! :) Of course, if there is a better one, I would like to read about it, also

              Of course, now we can not say that the Montreal kielbasa is cheaper with the exchange rate.