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Aug 18, 2007 09:00 AM

Good, Cheap Cake in CC?

Hi. This is the anti-gourmet request. I'm looking for just good, classic sheet-cake quality cake with sugary icing in center city. Is there a bakery that has just plain old vanilla cake with sweet, sugary icing. I'd be fine with cupcakes or a small cake. Thanks!

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  1. I'd try Swiss Pastry Shop on 19th St (north of Chestnut). Also, the KC's Pastries in Chinatown do sheetcakes but the consistency may be more spongecake than 'plain' vanilla cake, as that seems to be the Chinese-bakery style.

    1. What about Tiffany's Bakery in the Gallery at 9th and Market? Their cakes have been served at many a birthday party and office function over the years.

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        I second the fact that Tiffany's has great "regular" sheet cakes. Termini's at Reading Terminal does good simple cakes as well but you need to order them in advance if you want a sheet as opposed to a round one.

      2. No need to apologize. We should be proud to admit our love of bland vanilla cake with sugary icing -- yum! Also at Reading Terminal Market, at the Amish bakery counter, are individual slices of cake (or whole cakes) of several varieties. The Amish only come Wed through Sat I believe. Some of the typical diners scattered throughout Center City often have those humongous cakes in glass cases. Sometimes their quality is questionable, but the Melrose Diner in S. Philly has really good cakes of the type you seek. In a pinch just grab a bunch of TastyKakes -- they're just as good in my opinion.

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          Having eaten a slice of Beiler's red velvet cake from Reading Terminal yesterday myself I agree that they make fabulous, simple cakes. The coconut version is good too, and they sell them by the cake, half cake, quarter cake, and slice. They are also very friendly there and if you only want part of a cake they are usually happy to oblige.