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Aug 18, 2007 08:05 AM

HELP! Katsura closed and my son is desperate!

We have a mentally handicapped son (Maxi) and the only restaurant he loves to go to is (was) Katsura on Mountain. We were so sad to hear that they had closed. Our whole family would celebrate our birthdays etc there as we all loved the steak and steak sushimi (Max was crazy for the deep fried onion)
Could someone tell me where the chef went? Will another restaurant pick up the torch with a similar menu? The old doorman Pierre opened a similar restaurant on Bishop St but I see that it closed also.
Ideas please...... Max will not stop talking about it and I am taking him to Justin Timberlake tonite and I am at a loss as where to take him.

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  1. I know this is late but...I suggest the place next door to Katsura, Sakura Garden....the owner is actually Japanese as opposed to Katsura, which was Chinese owned.

    There is also Osaka on Bleury, which is my Japanese boss' favorite in Montreal. It's a small place, but it is full of Japanese students, Japanese people temporarily working in Montreal (like my boss) and he tells me the best in Montreal as far as he's concerned (with Sakura Garden being his second fav).

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      Unless I'm mistaken, Sakura Garden is taking over the Katsura location by next month.

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        Lesley Chesterman is her 'Critic's Notebook' Gazette column over the weekend, gives more details(than I already know) of Sakura Garden taking over the Katsura location. Sakura Garden at its original location closed last weekend, to prepare for the move. Sakura is only taking over the main floor of the Katsura building. Chef from Japan is being brought in, & the restaurant should open within the next 2 weeks.

    2. Pierre's restaurant on Bishop isn't closed.. it is called Bishoku and it is delicious.. even better than Katsura.. the chicken/ beef terriyaki is identical and comes with the same fried onions! it has amazing appetizers.. the best being the tuna tempura, shrimp toast, and sushi pizza. I go there once a week.. its great!
      Hope you and your son enjoy it!

      1. I believe this is what you were looking for