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Aug 18, 2007 07:00 AM

Sushi in Rhode Island

I've been to both Haruki's, both Shogun's, and Seven Moons. Haruki is the best of these, with providence having a hipper atmosphere, and maybe slightly better quality in Cranston. I like the Shogun in Narragansett more than the Cranston one, mainly becuase it looks and feels nicer. Seven Moons has been a little disappointing, mainly because of the variability of the sushi. My opinion so far.
I have not been to Sakura, 10, Sea Shai in Middletown. What do people think of these places, and are there other places worth pursuing? I realize that we are not talking about high-end New York or Boston sushi. I wish there was a place in East Greenwich.

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  1. The quality of the sushi at Sakura is well below that of Haruki. It's a pleasant enough place, but not nearly as good. I kno w alot of people prefer Tokyo, just up that street, for better fush at the same price point. Still I think Haruki is vastly preferable in terms of quality.

    I've heard good things about Ran Zan but never been. Anyone?

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      I agree that Sakura's fish has not been the freshest. It's my least favorite spot for sushi in Providence. I do like Tokyo quite a bit - they have a much larger selection of Nigiri and Maki than Haruki. But, in terms of freshness, Haruki wins out for me, too.

      I haven't been to Ran Zan, but have friends who lie in the neighborhood and speak highly of it

    2. I was @ 10 last week for dinner. I usually go there for steak and while I know they've had their detractors on this board, I've always had great food and great service.

      We had gotten a taste of their sushi w. a california roll during RW lunch and were eager to try more..

      We ended up with the Surf & Turf sushi - beef tenderloin w. lobster and asparagus w. a lobster sauce, Yellowtail tuna sashimi, Bikini roll - crab, spinach and I think an egg, and of couse two orders of their california rolls.

      Finished up by splitting their bananas foster bread pudding ... I'm usually a chocoholic but this was very decadent and melted in your mouth.!

      My favorite place for sushi in MA is Fuji in Quincy and I think 10 compared favorably w. Fuji - everything was very fresh & they had some other interesting combinations that we didn't get to try. My only problem was that the Bikini roll was very big and hard to eat easily w. the chopsticks!!

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        I think the best place in MA is Oishii, remember your Benjamins. But I really was asking about RI.

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          I don't disagree about your opinion on Oishii.

          Since you were asking about 10 in Providence & since I had sushi @ 10 in Providence last week, I decided to respond to your post and give you my opinion!

      2. Sea Shai is not great... not worth a trip over the bridge. Definitely agree that Haruki is the best in RI. In the summer you can have good, and very expensive, sushi at Cooke House in Newport, also, Tokyo House opened last year, and, in my opinion, is the best option in Newport. Your are right though, if you are looking for great sushi, take a trip to NY (or LA for that matter)

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          We have been enjoying China Pavillion in Westerly. They have a seperate Japanese menu. I know this is not sushi, but the soft shell crab is wonderful!

        2. I had surprisingly great sushi, equal in quality to Haruki, at Uncle Sushi in Cranston. Loved it.

          Uncle Sushi & Grill, 570 Reservoir Ave, Cranston, RI, 401.781.6193.

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            I would like to second Uncle Sushi in Cranston for food. Also, the person making the sushi is all sorts of fabulous.

          2. I will give "10" in Providence a vote of 9. Great selection