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Aug 18, 2007 06:43 AM

Hottest/Spiciest Dish in Toronto

I am a serious chili head, which is kinda weird considering that I grew up on cabbage borscht and chopped liver, if you know what I mean.

Anyone have any ideas as to the spiciest dish in Toronto? It can be any ethnicity (e.g. Szechuan, Indian/Pakistani, West Indian, Mexican, etc.). When I say spicy, I mean blow your face off, singe your eyebrows spicy. But, of course, it also have to be really flavourful, great food.

At one point, I thought the vindaloo at Indian Rice Factory was the hottest, but even that doesn't seem that hot anymore. It's too bad that most places make it way less hot than they otherwise would because most people in this part of the world can't take the heat.

Ideas please. THANKS.

p.s. extra points will be given to Szechuan suggestions from Lawrence to the Lake, and from Dufferin to the Don.

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  1. I'm not sure if we just ended up going on a heavy-handed chili night, but my partner and I got the vegetable thali takeout from Udupi Palace, ordered medium, and we found it almost unbearable (to the point where the chilies dominated everything and due to our unprepared palates it all tasted the same). That being said, we eat a *lot* of homemade, spicy Thai food, so we were quite surprised at our inability to handle it. If you ordered spicy, it may just fit your bill.

    1. Try Hot Spicy Spicy Chinese Restaurant, 173 Ravel Road, North York (Finch/Leslie). We had a chili chicken dish there that was the spiciest single dish I have ever been served. Note that I did NOT say the "best". I love very spicy foods, but this was too blazing hot for me to eat. They were not fooling around! A young Chinese couple at an adjacent table was alternating bites of this dish with sips of soy milk. Perhaps this is the appropriate way to eat it, but not for me. I will never order this dish again. It sounds like exactly what you are looking for :-)

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        I agree that Hot Spicy Spicy will probably deliver the hottest dish. As well as the widest range of hot dishes.

        Then of course there are the wing-nuts: Duff's Armageddon is truly painful.

        1. re: embee

          If that chili chicken dish was the same one that I ordered the first time I went to try it out, then I agree! Since it was my first time there, I asked the waitress what they recommended and that was the one. It was so hot, but then again, the dish was 85% chilis/chili oil and 15% tiny bits of chicken. How could it NOT be spicy when you're eating straight chili? hehehehe....
          I ended up cooking several other dishes with the all those chilis instead :D I wouldn't order it again either. I haven't been back to try other dishes there ...

        2. Have you tried the '20 chilis' version of any dish at Salad King? That's their hot/spicy scale. I don't know anyone that can manage past 10-chilis.

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          1. re: cecilia

            I second the Salad King suggestion... But are there any Indian places in the GTA that do a Phal? It's a UK-based superspicy curry - some people say it's just for macho idiots, but I've had it once or twice where the flavour and incredible heat worked together really well. Outside of the UK, there was one spot in Montreal that did it, but I've yet to see it in Toronto.

            1. re: gimel

              I agree with you re: Hot Spicy Spicy's Chicken with chilies..
              We ordered it a couple of weeks ago, and love "hot".
              It was too hot, and to my palate rather bland tasting except for the chilies,
              Not very interesting at all.
              Did enjoy some of the other dishes there, but none were really hot.

              1. re: gimel

                I recall seeing a show on the Food Network where the topic was hot and spicy foods. The host visited a restaurant that served Phal curry. The chef had to wear a mask as he prepared a dish containing this curry; they're that extreme!

                1. re: Brain of J

                  did anyone report with a restaurant in toronto that serves phal?

                  1. re: robzif

                    So, can anyone recommend a phall place in Toronto? Still didn't see a suggested place in this thread.

                2. re: gimel

                  You know the weird thing about "Phaal"

                  I watch that show Man vs. Food on travel channel, and the guy is always doing spicy challenges. Although the chef in the Phaal challenge did indeed wear a mask to prepare it, the guy succeeded in eating the entire dish quite easily. The guy had a way tougher time eating some atomic wings made with habanero's in a later episode.. so maybe phaal isn't all its cracked up to be

                3. re: cecilia

                  I watched a friend eat 20 chilis. He kept the reciept as a momento. I find 3-5 chilis satisfyingly spicy.

                  1. re: cecilia

                    my family regularly orders 20 chilis at salad king and 25 which they don;t usually do for some dishes

                    1. re: retsnome85

                      Are your mouths made of asbestos?

                      1. re: acd123

                        You forgot to ask about the other end!

                      2. re: retsnome85

                        Remember Salad King using dried chilies where fresh chilies were suppose to be used.... were they dried or fresh chilies - and was it the rating or the actual number. Don't remember much of their food being spicy even when ordered that way. I eat around 20 or so chilies / day .... although the dish spiciness varies..... I can have 10 chilies in my stir-fried beef/holy basil and although it is spicy.... the som tam/papaya salad with 5 chilies is actual hotter (both ordered at street level) :p

                    2. i'd also agree with the Salad King recommendation. i'm probably on the wimp end of the heat scale but for my heat fix, i go for the jjamppong dish at any korean resto (ichiban on bloor west comes to mind) - it's a seafood noodle dish that comes in a very spicy broth: you can up the ante by adding more chili powder. i'd consider this heat with flavour...

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                      1. re: berbere

                        Most of the roti places in T.O. will serve you a roti that will bring tears to your eyes.
                        Just ask for extra hot.

                      2. Try a West Indian resto for roti and doubles. Ask for extra spicy and the scotch bonnets they add to them will satisfy your craving. I have never ordered the extra spicy since the as prepared versions usually let me enjoy the heat more than one time, and with more than a bit of discomfort. I'm not usually a pussy about extra hot wings etc. though I've never had Duff's Armageddon.

                        They are always very flavourful and freshly prepared wherever I've gone.

                        Don't be surprised if they tell you "No refunds" when you order.