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Aug 18, 2007 04:50 AM

Best Farm stand near Boston

Hi, it's getting to be harvest season and the local New England produce is excellent! What in everyone's opinion is the best farm stand? I love Wilson's in Lexington and Smolak Farm in Andover's good too. Any other choices I should check out?

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  1. Idylwilde Farm in Acton, Hutchins Farm on Monument Street in Concord.......I think if you look on the Local Harvest website you will see many more.

    1. Connor's Farm - Valley Rd., Danvers
      Tendercrop Farm - Rt. 1A Newbury
      Canaan Farm - Rt. 1A Wenham
      Russell Orchards - Argilla Rd., Ipswich
      Allendale Farm - 259 Allandale Rd., Brookline
      Verrill Farm - Wheeler Rd., Concord

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        Volante Farms in Needham is my pick!

      2. I'm heading out to visit Verrill farm for the first time today. I'll report back.

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          Their fruit pies are delicious! Great prepared entrees as well.

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            I went to Verril Farm this morning for the first time, too. I always go to Wilson Farms, but thought I would give it a try. Printed out the coupon for the six free ears of corn ( price was .55 each). I much prefer Wilson farms- more of a selection. But- if you are in the market for tomatoes, Verril had a ton of varieties. The pies did look good, and they had the raspberry jam out for tasting- so good- but I passed at $7.00 per bottle.
            I bought their pizza dough, and will try it our tomorrow. It is definitely a "crunchy granola" type of place. Wilson has a larger selection and carries a lot of my favorites- a great red pepper, oilive oil, eggplant spread. I also love their scones, the kids love their whoopie pies and they always manage to have great oranges year round. Just kept going on rte 2 and hit Wilson Famrs on my way home. It was a beautiful day for a ride, anyway!

            1. re: macca

              Also got some greyure cheese at Verril- am making the tomato/onion tart posted on these boards. Shredded up some, and had a wonderful grilled cheese for lunch- added some fresh thyme and cherry tomatoes from my garden. Not sure if the greyure will last until tomorrow.

            2. re: BostonZest

              Verrille Farm was fun. They were having a tomato festival with a lot going on. The big draw seemed to be a tasting of tomatoes & corn and tomato & corn dishes from the chef for $6 . Hot dogs and hamburgers were cheap too.

              After walk around the festival my husband and I opted not to stand in tasting lines but to go inside for some of the prepared foods then head to a quieter spot for a picnic.

              We did a bit of shopping for home cooking this week and then ordered a couple of grilled panini. We had a turkey, apple and brie on multigrain bread with honey mustard and an eggplant parmesan. We also bought a small raspberry nectarine pie.

              We found a picnic area over by the Old North Bridge and shared the food. Wonderful. I'm going to make that turkey sandwich here at home- the combo really workes.

              Then we opened the pie and dug in. It was fresh, not overly sweet and filled with great big slices of fruit. Loved Loved Loved it. I was hoping they had slices of pie. Now I'm glad we have the whole thing because it will be our dessert for a couple of days.

              This may be a regular picnic trip when we have friends from out of town who want to do the Concord/Lexington thing. We can let them wander the park while we can sit and eat pie.

              The visitor center near the Old North Bridge had clean rest rooms and a fairly good cup of coffee for sale in the little cafe out back.

              1. re: BostonZest

                I saw the festival signs, but we must have been there too early, as there was nothing going on, and not a lot of cars. Maybe that is why there was such a large variety of tomatoes on display on the outside (porch) section of the store.
                The pies did look awesome, now I am sorry I did not pick one up. WIll try their corn (free!!) today. Will have to remember this place for a picnic trip, as I prefer Wilson Farms for my weekly produce shopping. Thanks for the report!

                1. re: BostonZest

                  Hey BZ -- even though your picnic sounds lovely, you should have had some of those tomatoes and corn! I'd never been to this event before but I'll be back -- about 30 varieties of tomato to try (and try to remember the names of) and 6 or 7 types of corn. Prepared foods were very good, especially the corn chowder and the polenta with corn. A bright orzo salad with corn and tomotoes hit the spot too. The weather was perfect for it, and the lines moved quickly.

                  This was such a houndly event -- an all you can eat vertical tasting of all those tomatoes? Come on! I was convinced we'd run into some other hounds there today (or at least ones I would recognize) but the people watching was superb nonetheless. If any of you reading along are the 50+ biker chick in stilletos, you still got it!

                  1. re: yumyum

                    We went to the C&T fest for the past two years and loved it. Couldn't make it this year though. The first year we went there were four world class hounds who had brought their own card table, chairs, EVOO, salt and a few other things. Truly impressive!

                    Busa Farms in Lexington has been improving their heirloom offerings. Lots of Carbon - a nice greeny dark one I've liked. They will have Zebra ready soon.

              2. Russo's in Watertoen. Similar to Wilsons but better,

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                    Russo's has been on my radar for some time. WIll have to make a trek there. A lot of hounds like it better than Wilson Farms. Worth a ride some weekend.

                    1. re: macca

                      Russo's and Wilson are quite different. They both have their place. Russo's is quite large and has a mind-blowing variety of produce at really good prices. They are my go-to for produce for ethnic dishes. Their poblanos are usually $3 cheaper than Wilson and WF. The food is quite fresh, and the staff are usually quite friendly and helpful. They also sell Dave's Fresh Pasta cheaper than Dave's shop in Somerville.

                      I like Wilson for local produce, eggs, daily bread selection and more convenient location for me. I also like that they use IPM on their own produce.

                      They both are great!