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Aug 18, 2007 04:49 AM

LObster Roll - Baiting Hollow, NY

Last night we ate at the Lobster Roll. A pretentious South Fork seafood establishment translated into a North Fork restaurant with the menu of a seafood shack.

We had to wait 20 minutes after bing told on the phone that there was no wait. There were many empty tables when we got seated. Service was good, but slow. The largest section of the menu was dedicated to telling you who their famous customers were.

There were not a whole lot of fresh unfried seafood selections.

The chef's main ingredient in the Manhattan Clam Chowder was salt, followed by sugar. It was thick and glistening, the way a Chinese dish looks when you use too much oil and corn starch.

The fried clams were very ordinary, similar to the way Howard Johnsons (during their downward spin) were after they started to use frozen product. Prices were brisk, for seafood shack fare.

The lobster roll, which was pricey, was said to have 1/3 of a pound of lobster, but I think it had 1/2 pound of mayonnaise. They could take a lesson from 'Reds Eats' in Wiscossett, Maine whose lobster roll is the meat of a whole lobster without any adulteration served over a hot dog roll, mayo and butter sauce on the side for $16 similar in price to the Lobster Roll's mayonnaise roll.

If you want to stay awake all night, be sure to order their DECAF COFFEE. It will give you a stimulating night. Some of these restaurants just do not no how to treat customers.

The cole slaw was excellent.

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  1. Hi Fred,
    I agree with you on both of the Lobster Roll restaurants, they remind me of Red Lobster a little too much. Each is run by different branches of the same family, they aren't really tied together, and I think they originally wanted the North Fork one to be a little fancier. I guess that didn't work out!
    On the other hand, I just had one of the best lobster rolls in a long time at Duryeas out in Montauk, whole hunks of meat on a delicious seeded roll (sorry not NE style) and great homemade potato salad and slaw on the side. That's where we're heading next time we want one!

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    1. re: coll

      I actually like the "to go" lobster rolls from the Wainscott Seafood market ....

      1. re: coll

        Hi Coll;

        You are describing a real lobster roll. Next time we are in Montauk, I would like to try the one at Duryeas.


        1. re: Fred19

          You'll not only enjoy the lobster roll, but also the scenery. One of the best views in Montauk!