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Aug 17, 2007 11:57 PM

Cafe Chill Out & Crepe Soleil

Okay so i was in my old nayhood & as Carswell stated there have been tons of changes up & along CDN. I didn't even make it all the way up to Queen Mary to Duc de Lorraine.

I'll start off with Chill Out (formerly Couleur Cafe) I was really surprised how bright an airy it is in there. Really funky spot for CDN Oh so pretty BUT been there twice so far and I ordered simple stuff so i thought. The customer in front of me brought back her latte, wasn't too sure what the prob was coz they were speaking in french. While she was waiting for her coffee, I asked for a macchiato single long. The cashier didn't understand what I wanted So i repeated "Macchiato single shot, long" still looking confused as ever the customer before me even understood what I wanted and repeated it to the girl. In frustration I pointed to their menu & said Can I have the Macchiato that's $1.97?!

Carryin the tray to my table, I tried to pick up the macchiato & drink it but the "shotglass" was too damn hot that I couldn't even hold it. I've seen espresso glasses before but they usually come with a metal handle. I had to go back to the cash & just ask for a disposble cup&cover to go .

That was a couple of weeks ago... I returned there this week & just had some sorbet with my lil cousin. Oh wait a minute I did drop by there last week to ask for a macchiato to go (same cashier) This time she understood my order Except she gives me this tiny cup to go. I asked her what that was & where's the foam ~ she said there is foam in there it's just that she gave me such a tiny cup because there weren't anymore lids for the regular cup. I may just have to walk further up CDN to *bucks or 2nd Cup just to get a consistent cup of joe.

As for Crepe de Soleil it's right adjacent to the Mikes & Chinese Resto but it hasn't opened up yet. I alse noticed there's yet another cafe/lunch spot where Cafe Republique use to be haven't tried anything there yet. They must have been on vacation this past week coz they were always closed when I was passing by.

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  1. I went there not too long ago and I do not think I will go back
    Yes the place has a nice look to it. Bright colors, modish design ...looked very promising.
    We went for breakfast
    The espresso was good
    Orange juice was bottled-Oasis
    we both ordered crepe fromage- it was kinda sad
    After we ordered the cashier said she would bring us our orders. She did (no garnish no potatoes no fruit on the plate; just two sad looking crepes with mozarella cheese sprinkled on top and maybe some inside the crepe. She said we could get utensils and condiments at the condiment bar (which was at the other end of the resto...nice)
    We had to go back to the counter to ask for syrup...we got a tiny thimbleful of corn syrup.
    Overall it was a sad lil experience to have in such an otherwise lovely dining atmosphere...
    The whole time there I wished I had gone someplace maybe Java U or another coffee shop...